Alleged Child Molestor Jerry Sandusky Actually Has Supporters



A few years ago I attended a play about Benedict Arnold. Being a Revolutionary War buff, I enjoy these kinds of things, but I had no idea the theme and moral of the stage show would influence my future writing as much as it does. The play went through the story of how Arnold stabbed the American colonists in the back by giving up Fort Ticonderoga to the British.

Specifically, the play focused on why he did it: Arnold felt he was repeatedly passed over for promotions that he believed he deserved, he kept putting up his own front money for his army and going broke, the Colonial regulars didn’t reimburse him, he had a young mercenary trophy wife who was demanding, you get the idea.

The point is the man is deservedly synonymous with the concept of “TRAITOR!” for the length of American history. So we only know him as pure evil, but there’s always another side to the story.

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, the right hand man to Joe Paterno is an alleged child rapist. If guilty of what he’s accused (and I believe he’s guilty as sin, I’ll be extremely outraged if the Pennsylvania courts let him walk) then he really is the lowest form of human life; a disgusting vile subcreature.

But again there’s another side. Hard to believe that anyone would defend an alleged child rapist; especially one where the evidence points to a smoking gun, but they’re out there.

From the Patriot-News:

At least one supporter hasn’t been shy about expressing his views. Shortly after Sandusky’s arrest in November, State College bar owner Chris Rosengrant posted to his Facebook account: “The grand jury report is obviously flawed but justice must prevail … I do know some of the apparent victims..and quite honestly so do alot of you..and most would say they are far from credible.”

In another post, he wrote “I know the coach … one word s.. solid s.. truth will come out.”

When approached at his house last week, Rosengrant said he didn’t want to elaborate on the comments, but said he stood by them.

Yeah, I’m incensed/repulsed/outraged/disgusted etc too.

And of course, Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola is paid to believe that Jerry is innocent. Or at least make sure all his public statements have Sandusky being innocent.

Check out this snippet from Fox Sports:

Amendola, during his lengthy comments to reporters outside the courthouse, said that if former Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary had witnessed a 10-year-old boy being sexually assaulted in a campus shower and had told the head football coach, the athletic director, a university vice president and the university president and ”their response was simply to tell Jerry Sandusky that `Don’t go into the shower anymore with kids,’ I suggest you dial 1-800-REALITY because that makes absolutely no sense.”

He later said he has been using the remark ”when people have said things that make no sense.”

”It’s analogous to `get a life,”’ he said. ”I had no idea that was a real number, let alone what it actually is. I will not be using that line in the future!”

Oh and the phone number he’s referring to is actually a sex hotline for gay and bi-curious men. Yes, Amendola who’s defending a homosexual for allegedly raping boys, mistakenly referred to a phone sex line for gays and bi-sexuals. Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up.

And let us not forget this man is married. Yes, both he and Bernie Fine, formerly of Syracuse have wives. What kind of crazy/delusional/pathetic/stupid woman would stay married to a child molester?

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  1. 1-800 reality? Obviously you’ve underestimated the selfishness of American corporations and organizations. Most would do all the could to swear it under the rug and make it a non-issue.

    Either way, credible or not, there’s no reason for him to be showering with kids and any supportive explanation makes the author a supporter of child rape and sexual abuse. However, I don’t think we’re too surprised by Bar owner reasoning and bias. Maybe you should call 1-800-reality

  2. The author of the statement, not the article

  3. Leo Boyer From Arlington Heights, IL says

    I am Leo Boyer From Arlington Heights, IL. I support Jerry Sandusky all the way. I think he is cute and sexy and I am in love with him. Jerry!!! Jerry!!! Jerry!!! He is the man……

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