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In compiling this college fight songs list, I tried to keep emotion and association out of it. I tried the best I could. Hey, my alma mater, Illinois is only honorable mention for best five. Schools I hate made the list too. And schools I like made the worst list as well. However in the end, both the best and worst were programs with mascots from ancient warriors of the Aegean Sea.

The Michigan State Spartans claim the best fight song. The USC Trojans have the worst. Yes, these lists have zero scientific value. They are based on no metrics. This argument is 100% arbitrary and capricious. You more than welcome to disagree. You should. You really should. And when you run a website that’s had more than 8 million page views, feel free to post your own list of the five best and five worst college fight songs.


ranking of worst college fight songs. 5 being not as bad as 1. #1 is the worst

5. Ohio State Buckeyes

Takes a long time to get started, and doesn’t even really go anywhere once it finally does. Like the school, the people there and those who run/manage it- very overrated. They should just ditch this and make Sloopy the official song instead. tOSU does a good job with that anyway.

4. Wisconsin Badgers

Too simplistic and boring. That’s why like every high school in the country has “On Wisconsin” as their fight song as well. It’s the Lady Gaga of fight songs, anyone can learn to play it. Hey, it made it to a Pepsi commercial though. Sorry Nick Grays, still love man. See ya this fall for Northwestern at Wisconsin.


3. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Just chaotic crapola; much like their pass defense and running game.

2. Penn State Nittany Lions

I’m actually removing this one now and putting it into the best category, because the Boers and Bernstein parody. The B&B version (here it is) Here’s the explanation behind it, have made me like this one. I really think I’ll go back and add the PSU fight song, the real one to the HM list for best five.

1. USC Trojans

It doesn’t help that the band literally plays only two songs during a game. Maybe they know a third? Maybe they don’t. So base and simple. Blah. At least their pom pom girls are ridic.

usc-cheerleader-getting wet

usc cheerleaders

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