Premarital Sex: BYU’s Cause for Dismissing Brandon Davies



As we all know, BYU- the #3 team in the country has dismissed starting forward Brandon Davies, the team’s leading rebounder, for the rest of the season. His infraction is a violation of the school’s honor code.

Word is the violation is impregnating his girlfriend. Rumors on Twitter state she’s pregnant, but it’s pretty much confirmed that having sex was the “offense.”

According to Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune, a source revealed that Davies was dismissed after he admitted to having sex with his girlfriend.

Sources say Davies is “extremely remorseful” and “heartbroken” over the situation and he’s not going to appeal the punishment. A review of the honor code is underway, and his status as a student, and with the team next year is underway.

According to University officials, the act which killed Davies season was not criminal. Since he committed no crime, we can infer that his infraction was in conflict with the “Live a chaste and virtuous life” portion of the honor code.

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