People Actually do NIT, CBI and CIT Bracket Projections. Really!


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Everyone and their brother (and their sister, nephew, uncle cousin’s former roommate) is currently filling out their bracket right now. And the geekier subgroup of that large group is comprised of those who peruse plenty of college basketball bracket projections in the weeks and months leading up to yesterday. And a tiny subset of that group are those who made those “bracketologies.”

So that’s common and standard. But what about a NIT bracketology? For the “Not important tournament,” or “not invited tournament,” Yes people actually project those too!

Further down the pecking order are the CBI and CIT. Many, many schools refuse bids to these consolations brackets. (Some seasons just need to end- Iowa Hawkeyes are a good example).

And yes, I found a guy who does projections for these as well- believe it or not!

Here’s one of the best final NIT Bracketology

And there’s even a “NITology”

Notice how he  (I’m assuming a he) boasts of getting 31/32 NIT teams right.


Check out this excerpt from Chicago Now’s “a Deeper Look at the CBI and CIT Tournaments”

“There are going to be 40 other teams that play postseason basketball in the Tournament (CIT) and the College Basketball Invitational (CBI). Both are relatively new and both come with some special rules. For instance, the CIT only takes mid-major teams and the Great West Conference champion receives an automatic bid.

Also included is a list of possible teams and a list of teams that have already said “No thanks,” to these pay-for-play opportunities.”

That’s right, he actually spent a ton of time researching the mid-majors and low-majors that fill out the brackets for the 101st-200th best teams in the nation.  By checking out the tweets and press releases from the school’s SIDs.
Now that’s hard core!

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