Most Entertaining Press Conference Ever- Joe McKeown



By Paul M. Banks
A women’s college basketball piece on the Sports Bank?

Yes, indeed when you’ve heard new Northwestern’s women coach Joe McKeown roc the mic.

Right after Homecoming, NU brought out both the men’s and women’s college coaches after football head coach Pat Fitzgerald to preview their respective seasons. McKeown, who was hired away from George Washington with the 13th highest winning percentage in history, was more entertaining and witty than many stand-up comedy acts I’ve seen. Or maybe I’m exaggerating because most pressers are cliché conventions filled with the usual tautologies while this one was quite funny by contrast.

When asked about his star point guard…

“We pick her up in a limo everyday to make sure she gets to practice on time, we put her up in the coaches’ suite at every hotel and make sure she doesn’t have to lift a finger, just play point guard 40 minutes a game. She’s a tough kid….we didn’t really pick her up in a limo that’s illegal, so we’re on the same page here.”

When asked about one of the twins that plays post for him…

“I’m glad coach Fitz is not at practice cause if he was, he would steal her and make her a linebacker or a running back. She just wants to HIT somebody, she’s a tough kid.”

On his outlook and focus…

“I have a lot of goals, but I’m not sharing them. My first one was just to get through today and then get through tomorrow without getting hurt.”

His closing statement…

“I really look forward to seeing you all and if you get the chance please speak with some of our young student-athletes, you’ll enjoy the experience. And if you could, please ask them to play defense.”


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  1. “please ask them to play defense” nice

  2. thanks I’ll be here all week. please remember to tip your bartenders, and as always the 11 o’clock show is completely different from the 7.

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