Michigan St. Has Camo Jerseys for Carrier Classic Tonight


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Michigan State basketball will wear specially-designed camouflaged home white uniforms for its game against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Carrier Classic on Nov. 11 (11-11-11) in San Diego.

“I think the uniforms are pretty cool,” said MSU head coach Tom Izzo. “They definitely put the spotlight on our military and that’s what this is for. I like that instead of player names, they put ‘U.S.A.’ on the back. For once, everybody can be on the same team.

The Tar Heels will wear camouflaged light blue uniforms for the game, which will be played on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, the same vessel that dropped Osama bin Laden’s body into ocean, in San Diego on Veterans Day. President Barack Obama will attend.

Izzo talked about the game at Media Day:

“Mark Hollis, an innovative guy, came back from Kuwait, took two trips over there to coach our troops. And when I came back, I told him it was a life-changing experience for me. I never thought — my father was in the military, but I never ever experienced those two weeks experienced in the barracks with the troops. And he said we’ve got to do something.

So the first thing would be (cell phone) — find the guy with the phone ringing — right? We thought: Let’s play a game somewhere. My ID has had me repel down from the ceiling on Midnight Madness. The guy’s insane, and he’s has had me do some bizarre things.

He talked about playing a game in an aircraft carrier. We tried to do it in Jacksonville, Florida around 2005. It fell through because of the war, really.

And then when you think about it for our veterans and to bring something to the light — we were over in Kuwait, we talked to the troops. What can we do for you? And it was always just send the word that we’re fighting for all of you back home.

There’s always controversy why we’re in wars and what we’re doing, and I understand that controversy. But still the guys doing the battle, they don’t get to choose.
And Magic’s going to be there, the President’s going to be there, and unfortunately those three guys that were supposed to leave last year from Carolina are going to be there. So it’s going to be one hell of a deal, and we’re looking forward to it.”

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