What happened to Kentucky Wildcats superfan Ashley Judd’s face?



Is this a botched surgery? Sure, she looks younger and less gaunt, but she also looks like The Joker. She now has Renee Zellweger type “smush face.” I’m speaking of course about Kentucky Wildcats superfan Ashley Judd.

After the jump, see her before/after picture.


Photo courtesy of MSN’s Celebrity Fix, which gives us this explanation below; you can find more pics of her new face too.


The 43-year-old “beauty” shocked viewers of a Canadian chat show yesterday with her weirdly inflated face.

She doesn’t appear to have gained weight anywhere else on her body, so most people are speculating that Ashley’s “pillow face” is an unfortunate case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

The most likely cause is an overuse of face fillers — so with a bit of luck, eventually she’ll deflate.

To see more pics of Ashley Judd in UK gear, go here

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  1. ru4tunate2 says

    Ashley is a fine lady. She may be taking steroids for some type of illness. Steroids are known to cause “pie face”. I just hope she’s ok and her health is not in jeopardy. You still look great to me Ashley……

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