Former Iowa Hawkeyes Cheerleader, Miss Iowa ’12, into fitness modeling (pics)



The Iowa Hawkeyes have had a mediocre season of college basketball. Definitely a down year by their usual standards. No one’s expecting them to do much in college football next fall because this year was a disaster. They have some nice looking cheerleaders though. And one Iowa Hawkeyes cheerleader in particular has big goal. Iowa Hawkeyes cheerleader Rebecca Hodge, who’s becoming a fitness model after graduation. Rebecca Hodge won the Miss Iowa USA 2012 despite never having ever previously competed in a pageant before.

A co-worker recommended she compete in the pageant, after having received a letter about it.

miss iowa

“My friend thought I would be perfect for it and told me I needed to try out. I thought, `I’m not one of those girls’…but I guess I am,”

Then again, how much training and preparation do you need? Either you “got it” or you “don’t got it.” I’m sure the rookie from Iowa City, home of the Hawkeyes, winning the pageant probably burned up some of the veterans. Rebecca Hodge succeeded without really trying to hard, and those are stories we all love


Now that this former Iowa Hawkeyes cheerleader has graduated from UI, what does she plan to do next? From Fitness magazine

In June 2012 I got the opportunity to compete for the title of Miss USA 2012 in Las Vegas. While I didn’t win the crown, I gained much more than I ever could have hoped for. Competing in a competition as this, it forced me to keep my body looking in shape, and healthy. Now that my reign is over it’s time to pursue my real dream of fitness modeling!


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