How to Find Out How Much Your BGS Cards are Worth


Some people ventured into the hobby of collecting different sports cards. While some of these people know the value of the sports cards they collect, others simply don’t have a clear idea of how much their cards are worth. For this reason, several grading systems have emerged to standardize how sports cards are graded. This will pave the way for efficient and more credible trading between users.

Beckett Grading Service

In case you want to find out how much your BGS (Beckett Grading Service) cards are worth, all you need to do is to leverage online sources. In this way, you will most likely come across the Beckett Raw Card Review on-site service. This service will enable you to get a quick grade for your cards. On the other hand, if you like to convert the grading to PSA, then you can leverage a BGS to PSA conversion service and in this way, you will be able to flip your cards as quickly as possible.

BGS Scale

The grading scale of BGS ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being pristine. This scale is reasonably extensive, which means that you will have a good idea of the overall quality of your card. Below is a quick summary of what each of the numbers in the scale represents.

  • 1 – Poor
  • 1.5 – Fair
  • 2 – Good (G)
  • 2.5 – G+
  • 3 – Very Good (VG)
  • 3.5 – VG+
  • 4 – Very Good – Excellent (VG-EX)
  • 4.5 – VG-EX+
  • 5 – Excellent (EX)
  • 5.5 – EX+
  • 6 – Excellent-Near Mint (EX-NM)
  • 6.5 – EX-NM+
  • 7 – Near Mint (NM)
  • 7.5 – NM+
  • 8 – Near Mint-Mint
  • 8.5 – Near Mint-Mint+
  • 9 – Mint
  • 9.5 – Gem Mint
  • 10 – Pristine

Criteria for Grading

You will have a clear idea as to why your card received its grade under BGS because they will provide you with a Report Card that details the information you need. The rating is generally based on four categories namely the centering, corners, edges, and surface. When it comes to centering, your card is graded based on how the image fits the card. It also takes into consideration how the image is aligned with the border.

On the other hand, the sharper the corner of your card, the more desirable it is. In terms of the edges, white borders tend to blend more seamlessly. With this, any flaws in your card will be more difficult to detect. Finally, the surface of your card should be free from creases and flaws to have more value in the scale. Among these four categories, the biggest weight is given to the centering.

To find out what your BGS cards are worth, take the time to explore online sources where there is a great chance for you to come across the Beckett Raw Card Review on-site service. From there, you will be able to know the grade of your card based on their scale. Rest assured that you can easily figure out your card’s worth in terms of other grading services as well. When you have a good idea of what your card is worth, then it will be easier for you to trade them accordingly.


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