FSU Cheerleaders, co-eds made pitch to #1 recruit Andrew Wiggins



Will Andrew Wiggins choose the Florida State Seminoles, Kansas Jayhawks, or North Carolina Tar Heels? Or will he be like EVERY other blue-chip recruit in this class and head to Big Blue Nation? (The Kentucky Wildcats)

The female student body at Florida State did all they could this past college basketball season to sell top recruit Andrew Wiggins on the school during his official visit in December. Well, we don’t know or not whether they did “all they could,” but nothing would surprise me at this point. Given what I’ve learned about the recruiting process in revenue producing college sports.

To quote “Fletch”:

“We’re in a grey area here. How grey? Charcoal.”

But on to more wholesome and above board recruiting activities.


From the Dagger:

Andrew Wiggins, the consensus No. 1 recruit in the class of 2013, is expected to choose between Kentucky and Florida State, his father’s alma mater.

If the basketball was uninspiring for Andrew Wiggins, what the talented forward witnessed in the stands was likely a lot more enticing.

One row of female Florida State students spelled out “WE WANT WIGGINS” across their white shirts. A group of older women waved signs urging Wiggins to sign with the ‘Noles. Florida State’s cheerleaders even brandished a pair of clever signs taking jabs at Kentucky, one of which read “Seminoles hunt Wildcats” and the other of which read “FSU has hotter girls.”




So where is the Canadian uber-prospect Andrew Wiggins going to end up? He didn’t give that answer at McDonald’s All-American media day. But he did answer a question about whether he will play the two or the three at the next level (video here).

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