College Hoops 101


By: David Kay

College Hoops 101 is a weekly article centering around all things college basketball.  David Kay looks back at the previous week, glances forward to what is ahead in the up-coming days, and keeps track of how many games I have watched this season in hopes of topping my mark from a year ago (274.)

This week’s edition has a preview of Rivalry week (which has me giddy starting with a monster Big Monday tonight) and do you know what a “Hoya” is?

-A very inquisitive person asked what a “Hoya” was.  I thought maybe a dog of some sort since that is the costume their mascot rocks.  WAY OFF… Here is Wikipedia’s explanation for where the team “Hoya” came from.  Feel free to thank me after you impress your friends and co-workers when you drop this knowledge.

-Someday I will vote in the AP poll.  For now, here’s my top 10…
1. Kansas, 22-1 (Last Week Ranking: 1)
2. Syracuse, 23-1 (LWR: 3)
3. Kentucky, 20-1 (LWR: 4)
4. Villanova, 20-2 (LWR: 2)
5. Purdue, 18-3 (LWR: 6)
6. West Virginia, 19-3 (LWR: 7)
7. Duke, 17-4 (LWR: 10)
8. Tennessee, 18-4, (LWR: NR)
9. Ohio State, 18-6 (LWR: NR)
10. Texas, 19-4 (LWR: 8 )

Fast Forward
Villanova at West Virginia (Mon 6:00, ESPN)
Kansas at Texas (Mon 8:00 ESPN)

Big Monday is a must-see.  Two conference battles involving top ten teams.  Two things to keep an eye on; how will ‘Nova’s guards handle the length of West Virginia and the Cole Aldrich/Dexter Pittman battle inside should be a great test for both bigs.

Purdue at Michigan State (Tues 8:00, ESPN)
Illinois at Wisconsin (Tues 6:00, BTN)

With back-to-back Spartan losses, the Big Ten suddenly became VERY interesting.  The Badgers, Boilers, Illini, and Ohio State are all now one game back of MSU in the loss column making Tuesday night a critical night for all teams involved if they want to stay in the thick of the conference race.

Duke at North Carolina (Wed 8:00, ESPN)
It is hard to believe the Heels are 2-6 in the ACC, but since this is Rivalry Week and the Duke/UNC match-up usually makes for some intense basketball games, this one makes the list.

St. Mary’s at Gonzaga (Thurs 10:00, ESPN2)
First place is on the line in the WCC.  St. Mary’s get no love on the national scene and are 21-3 this season after losing two of the best players; Patrick Mills and Diamon Simpson.  This team will make the NCAA Tournament even if they do not win the WCC tournament.

The Drive
Games watched through 2/7: 194
Teams I have seen play this season: 113
Games watched this past week (home teams in CAPS): 16

The Huskies are in Trouble with a capital ‘T’.  They are 3-6 in conference and have lost three straight since knocking off then #1 Texas.  This was a much needed win for the Cards in helping their NCAA Tournament chances.

#10 Texas 72, OKLAHOMA STATE 60
‘Horns freshman swingman Jordan Hamilton is a player to watch out for.  He went off for 27 points on 11-16 shooting and is a pure scorer in every sense of the phrase.  Hamilton definitely has high lottery potential in the 2011 NBA Draft.

#3 KENTUCKY 85, Ole Miss 75
I love how John Wall was “struggling” heading into this game.  I would imagine 99% of D-1 point guard would love to have their best game be a game in which Wall struggles.

#2 VILLANOVA 81, Seton Hall 71
Seton Hall can hang with any team in the Big East… they just can’t beat them though.

#16 WISCONSIN 67, #5 Michigan State 49
Bo owns Izzo, clap, clap, clap clap clap.  Sparty looked terrible and they lost Kalin Lucas to what appeared to be a fairly serious ankle injury.  Credit to the Badgers who jumped on MSU early in and never let the Spartans creep back in the game.

MARQUETTE 80, DePaul 69
Sloppy, sloppy game in which MU should have put the Blue Demons away in the second half, but just couldn’t.  MU shot 36-44 from the FT line and “exercised the Demons”.  Get it?  Get it?  Ugh.  Least talked about storyline from this game; David Cubillan’s defensive effort against DePaul’s gunner, Will Walker.

#1 Kansas 72, COLORADO 66 OT
The altitude really seemed to get to the Jayhawks in this game as they looked gassed which caused to make a lot of mistakes on the court.  The lesson again with this game; ALWAYS DVR a game involving a top-ranked team.

Tiger sophomore Welsey Witherspoon had is coming out party.  He’s 6-8, long, athletic, can shoot and handle the rock.  I smell first round of the NBA draft in his near future.

NOTRE DAME 83, Cincinnati 65
Cincinnati seems like it just doesn’t care.  Luke Harangody went off for 37 points and I set myself on fire.

WASHINGTON 81, Arizona 75
Terribly officiated game in my opinion.  With ‘Zona and Cal both losing, there is now a four-way tie for first in the Pac 10 at 6-4.  Ugly.

GONZAGA 76, Portland 49
The Zags absolutely waxed a pretty good Portland team.

Marquette 82, PROVIDENCE 79

Lazar Hayward played like a man as the Golden Eagles did their best to try and piss this game away late.  I needed to change my pants after this win.

#8 GEORGETOWN 103, #2 Villanova
As fellow TSB writer and ‘Nova fan Peter Christian texted me, “Did Jason Clark (6-7 from three) f%!# a leprechaun?”  No, only Luke Harangody does that.  G-Town shot 56% from the field by the way and Greg Monroe ran up the score late in the game to get to triple digits which is kind of bush league in my opinion.

#16 Wisconsin 62, MICHIGAN 44
John Beilien’s team usually live and die by the three ball, only thing is Michigan sucks at shooting from distance.  The Badgers however were 11-21 from deep this game.

#13 Gonzaga 66, MEMPHIS 58
The Tigers’ post-season hopes took a major hit in this Super Bowl of mid-majors.  They will likely have to win the C-USA tourney to get into the dance.  The man-crush is growing on Wesley Witherspoon.

‘Zona goes through too many stretches of games looking completely inept on the offensive end.


  1. No College Gameday in Champaign pic? or even a MENTION in this column!!?? for shame!! Perhaps you just know that I have a ton of photos and videos to share soon and that’s why…but still.

    What about Nancy Pelosi watching GTown? are they pics online of that

  2. Yeah, apologies for the weak Rewind segment… If anything from Gameday in Champaign should be talked about, it’s the bush league performance by the Orange Crush for rushing the court after the game… really? U r 8-3 in conference, a regular fixture at the NCAA Tournament for the past few years and you beat a Michigan State team coming off a loss and playing without their best player, and you rush the court?!?!?!?!?! Pete… call them out DAMMIT!!!

  3. paulmbanks says

    Everything you said is true of course, BUT you’re also a NIT/bubble team DESPERATE for signature wins, and you just beat a #5 ranked team on national television. A team that has also made you it’s bitch lately. as Sparty had won the previous 5, and 7 of the last 8. It’s also the first win over a top five Big Ten team in 9 years.

    Therefore, NOT Callout worthy…however, the fact that you do find this court storming to be bush league is a big complement to the program

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