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By: David Kay

College Hoops 101 is a weekly article centering around all things college basketball.  David Kay looks back at the previous week, glances forward to what is ahead in the up-coming days, and keeps track of how many games I have watched this season in hopes of topping my mark from a year ago (274.)

This week’s CH 101 asks for an official protocol to be put in place for storming the court, sees Digger Phelps get down with a Clemson dance team member, and calls out Buffalo Wild Wing’s advertising team.


-Kentucky is going to be the new #1 in the country after Texas dropped two games this week.  If I can take a moment to pat myself on the back, I predicted the ‘Cats would be a top five team in my Top 25 Rankings immediately after Coach Calipari was hired and people laughed at me.  They laughed again when I picked UK to win it all in my pre-season predictions.  I told you so.

-If I had to vote for a Player of the Year right now John Wall would get my vote over Evan Turner.

-There have been some interesting storming the court incidents this season.  UConn loses at Michigan and the Wolverine fans rush the court.  #1 Texas falls at Kansas State and the Wildcat fans don’t rush the court.  But then Texas, who lost their first game already earlier in the week, drops a game in Storrs and the Husky fans return the favor by rushing the floor.  There seriously needs to be a standard protocol put in place for this.

-Jay Bilas apparently called this “creepy.”  I am not sure there is a word to properly describe how awkwardly weird this is:

-You know those Buffalo Wild Wing’s commercials where the guy in the bar tells the referee on TV to push the game into overtime?  That drives me nuts.  What fan in their right mind would want their team’s game to go to OT rather than secure a win just because they want to spend more time somewhere?  Dumb.

-Someday I will vote in the AP poll.  For now, here’s my top 10… (note: these rankings are as of Sunday night before Texas lost to Kansas State Monday.)
1. Kentucky, 19-0 (Last Week Ranking: 2)
2. Kansas, 18-1 (LWR: 3)
3. Villanova, 18-1 (LWR: 4)
4. Syracuse, 19-1 (LWR: 5)
5. Texas, 17-2 (LWR: 1)
6. Michigan State, 17-3 (LWR: 8 )
7. Purdue, 16-3 (LWR: NR)
8. West Virginia, 15-3 (LWR: NR)
9. Duke, 16-3 (LWR: 7)
10. BYU, 20-1 (LWR: NR)

Fast Forward
Georgetown at Syracuse (Mon 6:00, ESPN)
I mind as well just put every Big East, Big Monday game in this slot.  It is as sure a safe bet as Brett Favre throwing a costly interception in an NFC Championship game.  Sigh…

BYU at New Mexico (Wed 9:00, CBS College Sports)

The best two teams in the vastly underrated Mountain West Conference going head-to-head.  The MWC is the best conference west of the Rocky Mountains.

Duke at Georgetown (Sat 12:00, CBS)

CBS Saturdays just produce tremendous non-conference games mid-season.  Average ACT score of students attending these schools, 33.  I just made that up.

Kansas at Kansas State (Sat 6:00, ESPN)
K-State suffered a setback at Oklahoma State after handing Texas their first loss of the season, but should be looking to bounce back a second straight huge home win.  By the way, K-State is one of the most non-talked about home court advantages in college basketball.  Their crowd was rowdy for that ‘Horns game.

The Drive
Games watched through 1/24: 164
Teams I have seen play this season: 107
Games watched this past week (home teams in CAPS): 13

WICHITA STATE 60, #20 Northern Iowa 51
NIU’s Jordan Eglseder (pictured above on the right) is my favorite balding college basketball player, slightly ahead of Alex Tyus.

#18 GEORGIA TECH 66, #16 Clemson 64
The Yellow Jackets win despite shooting 39% from the field, 18% from three, and 50% from the free throw line.

DEPAUL 51, Marquette 50

Click here to read more on this disaster of a game.

#14 Georgetown 74, #11 PITT 66

Picking up a road at the Zoo is no easy task, so props to G-Town for getting that done.

#19 WISCONSIN 54, Michigan 48
If Trevon Hughes doesn’t single-handedly take a game over, the Badgers are in trouble.  I don’t mean to beat this story into the ground, but man do they miss Jon Leuer.

#3 KANSAS 81, Baylor 75
Baylor’s an interesting team to keep an eye on; they have experienced guard play, size and athleticism up-front.  They are not very deep however, which hurt them against Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk.

SETON HALL 80, Louisville 77
L-Ville is 0-3 since Rick Pitino donned the white suit.  Choose a purity joke of your own…

#4 Villanova 81, ST. JOHN’S 71
Antonio Pena has fouled out in three of ‘Nova’s last four games.  Good thing Jay Wright can go 10-11 deep.

#5 SYRACUSE 76, Marquette 71

‘Cuse is bigger, longer, and stronger than Marquette.  For some reason, it took them 20 minutes to realize and take advantage of that fact.  It was good to see Golden Eagle freshman point guard Junior Cadougan get his first action of the year when it was thought he would be lost for the season with a ruptured Achilles.

#12 WEST VIRGINIA 71, #25 Ohio State 65
Another tale of two halves for the Mountaineers.  I wonder how good they would be if West Virginia played a full 40 minutes for a change. For more on this game click here

#21 UCONN 88, #1 Texas 74
Pick up the trend: UConn had 16 turnovers in the first and was out-scored 42-34.  UConn has 3 turnovers in the second half and out-scored Texas 54-32.  Kemba Walker’s stat line was impressive: 19 pts, 10 asts, and 6 stls, but so were his 8 turnovers.  By the way, there were approximately 58 dunks in this game.

Arizona 77, ARIZONA STATE 58
After trailing 20-10 with 5:30 left in the first half, ‘Zona ended the game on a 67-38 run.  ASU got good looks, just couldn’t knock them down.

#19 WISCONSIN 79, Penn State 71
Still not sure how the Badgers were able to overcome a 16-point second half deficit and down eight with two minutes left.  I supposed it helps that Jordan Taylor scored 18 points in the final seven minutes of the game including overtime.  Gus Johnson had a classic call at the end of regulation by the way.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    You’re missing the scores on the West Va-OSU and Wich St. games. Brian will be upset when he sees this.

  2. paulmbanks says

    I said the same exact thing about those retarded BW3 commercials when they first came out. HATE them.

    I thought Digger Phelps was a massive douche before seeing that Clemson dancer vid. My opinion of him has not changed. ALthough his awkwardness is a lot less awkward than I thought. I’ve only seen the video here, not on YouTube, but I can bet, given what I know about YouTube commenters (i.e. that they are the most base form of life and offer nothing but the most primitive of observations in in a dumbed down manner) that half the comments relating to that video will center around that girl, and one specific area of her body- I’m certain

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