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By: David Kay

College Hoops 101 is a weekly article centering around all things college basketball.  David Kay looks back at the previous week, glances forward to what is ahead in the up-coming days, and keeps track of how many games I have watched this season in hopes of topping my mark from a year ago (274.)

This week’s College Hoops 101 catches up on the 12 games I had DVR’ed that I didn’t get to last week and also puts me over the 100 teams watched mark.  Also, Oklahoma’s Tiny Gallon does his best Shaq impersonation, over-exaggerates another headline, and Evan Turner returns for the Buckeyes.

-Talk about overcoming adversity; Tennessee who was without four of their top players due to suspension knocks off top ranked Kansas with just six scholarship players on their roster.  I, probably like many, was ready to write off the Vols for this season, but not anymore.

-Evan Turner returned a month earlier than expected after suffering a freakish fall that left him with two fractured vertebrae in his upper back.  The Buckeye junior looks like his old self as he showed no hesitancy in his return to the court and is back in the top five of my 2010 NBA Mock Draft.

-This was a headline on “Butler clutch as Marquette stuns Georgetown.”  STUNS Georgetown, really?  A team that was favored by two points at home and was coming off losses to West Virginia and Villanova by a combined three points STUNS an overrated Georgetown team?  Just because a ranked team loses to an unranked team does not mean it is a massive upset.  Suck it ESPN!

-Shocking score of the week: Seattle U 99, at Oregon State 48.  So much for the Beavers being a tournament caliber team like I, and most publications predicted.  Maybe it is time for a President Obama pep talk.

-Someday I will vote in the AP poll.  For now, here’s my top 10…
1. Texas, 15-0 (LWR: 2)
2. Kentucky, 16-0 (LWR: 3)
3. Kansas, 14-1 (Last Week Ranking: 1)
4. Villanova, 14-1 (LWR: 5)
5. Purdue, 14-1 (LWR: 4)
6. Syracuse, 15-1 (LWR: 7)
7. Tennessee, 12-2 (LWR: NR)
8. Duke, 12-2 (LWR: 6)
9. West Virginia, 12-2 (LWR: 8)
10. Michigan State, 13-3 (LWR: NR)

Fast Forward
Villanova at Louisville (Mon. 6:00, ESPN)
Pitt at UConn (Wed. 6:00, ESPN2)
Syracuse at West Virginia (Sat. 11:00 am, ESPN)

On Saturday, three Big East games came down to the final shot which is part of the reason I love watching conference games.  Any game involving any ranked Big East team is worth watching.

Gonzaga at St. Mary’s (Thur. 10:00, ESPN2)
The top two teams in the West Coast Conference going at it.  Gonzaga is pretty much in the tournament barring a massive collapse, but a team like St. Mary’s needs all the conference wins they can get if they have any hope of earning an at-large bid in case they don’t win the conference tourney.

The Drive
Games watched through 1/11: 133
Games watched at this time last year: 110
Teams I have seen play this season: 102

Games watched this past week (home teams in CAPS): 16

#10 UCONN 82, Notre Dame 70

Luke Harangody losing = me smiling!

Tennessee 66, MEMPHIS 59

This was one of the games I had to catch up on from New Year’s Eve weekend and it was weird watching the Vols prior to the “incident” that got four key players suspended.

#19 NEW MEXICO 68, Dayton 66

Since I have nothing relevant to say about this game, it seems like a good time to express my concern that new seasons of Lost, 24, and American Idol might cut into my college basketball DVR’ing.  Yes, I am serious about including AI on that list.  And yes, I just called it AI.

#22 GONZAGA 83, Oklahoma 69

Brewers’ TV play-by-play guy Brian Anderson was on call for this game and I was totally thrown off from the opening tip.  By the way, OU’s Tiny Gallon shattered a backboard in this game.  Awesome.

MARQUETTE 62, #12 Georgetown 59

MU FINALLY wins a close game in which they actually hit two clutch free throws.  HALLELUJAH!!!

#11 MICHIGAN STATE 54, #20 Wisconsin 47

Badgers did a nice job of controlling the tempo but shot just 33% from the floor as they were too often stuck hoisting up bad shots at the end of the shot clock.

OHIO STATE 79, Indiana 54

See the Rewind for more on this game and Evan Turner’s return.

#7 SYRACUSE 74, Memphis 57
Ballsy statement of the week: One day, Memphis’ Josh Pastner will be the nation’s all-time leader in coaching wins.

#5 Duke 86, Iowa State 65

All this Jon Scheyer whoring is becoming a bit excessive.

UCLA 76, CAL 75 OT
The Pac-10 is an absolute mess this year; messier than the Jersey Shore house after a night of battling to house music at the club.

Washington State 78, ARIZONA 76
‘Zona has been involved in three buzzer beater games in the last couple weeks.  This was the first one to go against them as DeAngelo Casto hits a shot with a tenth of a second left.

#17 WISCONSIN 73, #4 Purdue 66

Sat baseline for this game.  An impressive win for the Badgers considering Trevon Hughes got in early foul trouble and Jon Leuer was held well below his average.

#6 VILLANOVA 78, Marquette 76
Sigh.  Another last second loss.  That is five losses by a total of nine points for Marquette this season.  I give them credit for fighting back from a 22-point deficit by scoring 57 second half points.

#12 GEORGETOWN 72, #13 UConn 69

The Big East is so great to watch.  G-Town rises from the dead in the second half to battle back and beat the Huskies.

#17 GEORGIA TECH 71, #5 Duke 67

My first look at big-time NBA Draft prospect Derrick Favors from G-Tech and was not impressed.

NOTRE DAME 70, #8 West Virginia 68

The Irish’s Tim Abromaitis needs to be introduced to Proactiv.

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  1. Melissa W. says

    Brewers Brian Anderson on the Basketball cracks me up. Then again, he used to announce Golf, so his fill-in duties this week are definitely an improvement!!!

  2. paulmbanks says

    ha ha I thought the same thing about Abrom when I saw met him at the Chi Invitational Thanksgiving weekend. He is UGLY. LOL!

    Watching American Idol, when you’re a dude in your late 20s=gay.

    and calling it a.i. = gayer

  3. paulmbanks says

    Bruce Pearl is a massive douche, but his guiding them to such a big win despite missing everybody, means he’s an effing good coach

  4. Tivo Premiere says

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