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By: David Kay

This past week, I breezed past the 100 games-watched mark and the calendar has yet to even turn to 2010.  Scary.  The latest edition of College Hoops 101 features two game-winning shots by one player within a three-day span, one the worst injuries I have ever seen, a new word to describe a college player who I think will play in the NBA someday, and why you should ditch crappy college football bowl games on New Year’s and watch some great college basketball action.

-What a week for Arizona’s Nic Wise.  First he hits a desperation three at the overtime to buzzer to help the Wildcats avoid the upset bid by Lipscomb.  Two nights later, Wise drives the length of the court and drops in a scoop lay-in with .9 seconds remaining to lead ‘Zona past N.C. State.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again; As Nic Wise goes, so goes Arizona.

-In the Washington/Texas A&M game, I witnessed one of the freakiest looking injuries I have ever seen.  It was not quite Lawrence Taylor/Joe Theisman gory, but the Aggies’ Derrick Roland’s lower leg was pretty much pointing in a different direction after he landed on it awkwardly.  It was so nasty that some of his teammate’s were literally in tears.  I can’t emphasize enough how badly I feel for the kid as that is not how you want your college career to come to an end.

-Someday I will vote in the AP poll.  For now, here’s my top 10 (5 of whom come from the Big East)…
1. Kansas, 11-0 (Last Week Ranking: 1)
2. Texas, 11-0 (LWR: 4)
3. Syracuse, 12-0 (LWR: 2)
4. Kentucky, 13-0 (LWR: 3)
5. Purdue, 11-0 (LWR: 5)
6. West Virginia, 10-0 (LWR: 6)
7. Villanova, 11-1 (LWR: 7)
8. Duke, 9-1 (LWR: 8 )
9. UConn, 9-2 (LWR: 9)
10. Georgetown, 9-1 (LWR: NR)

Fast Forward
Tennessee at Memphis, Thurs. 3:00, ESPN2
Louisville at Kentucky, Sat. 2:30, CBS

Probably the two best non-conference rivalries in college basketball; Louisville and Memphis need the marquee wins.

West Virginia at Purdue, Fri. 1:30, ESPN
When I saw this battle of unbeatens on the schedule, I smiled.  It was the complete opposite of the reaction I had when I found out Carrie Underwood was engaged (to a hockey player nonetheless.)

Kansas at Temple, Sat 3:30, ESPN 2
Earlier this season at home, the Owls already knocked Villanova from the ranks of the unbeatens.  Is top-ranked Kansas next?

The Drive
Games watched through 12/28: 105
Teams I have seen play this season: 96

Games watched this past week (home teams in CAPS): 13

#2 TEXAS 79, #12 Michigan State 68
After hanging triple digits on UNC and then knocking off Sparty, the ‘Horns are quickly becoming one of my favorite teams to watch this season.

#1 KANSAS 84, California 69

A closer game than the final score indicates, KU was just too deep and talented.

#22 WASHINGTON 74, #19 Texas A&M 63
See the Rewind section for more on this game.

WISCONSIN 68, UW-Milwaukee 58
Jon Leuer is league.  By the way, “league” is my new word for any college basketball player who I think can play in the NBA.  Feel free to add that to your vocabulary as long as you drop a “trademark David Kay” right after you say it.

#6 WEST VIRGINIA 76, #21 Mississippi 66
Not only is the Mountaineers’ John Flowers giving Tennessee’s Wayne Chism a run for his money in the sweetest headband wearer in college hoops, but he is a dead ringer for Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Loyola (MD) 72, INDIANA 67
Just when you think the Hoosiers are starting to turn the corner, they lose at home to Loyola, Maryland.

Missouri 81, Illinois 68
Ever since they beat Marquette in the NCAA Tournament last year, I have despised Mizzou.  By the way, what happened to Alex Legion?  Wasn’t he supposed to be sweet for the Illini?  He barely sees the floor.

ORAL ROBERTS 75, #13 New Mexico 66
So I love having a bunch of Fox Sports’ on my cable package, but I have seen high school games that had better production value than this game.  The broadcasters were terrible (seriously, hire me), and the person running the main camera must have been a college student operating a camera for the first time or just blazed out of his mind.  Oh, and the Lobos lost for the first time this season.

ARIZONA 78, N.C. State 76

Very entertaining game.  The Wolfpack nearly pull off the great comeback victory but for the second time in three days, Nic Wise hits the game-winning shot to lead ‘Zona to the victory.  See the rewind for more.

USC 67, #20 UNLV 56
Trojans’ point guard Mike Gerrity (pictured above) looks like he is 35 years old and should be running the show at noon ball at your local YMCA.

#6 West Virginia 90, SETON HALL 84 OT
The Hall came back from down ten with a minute to play to force overtime.  Jeremy Hazell is a big-time scorer proven by his 39 points.  West Virginia is just the better team, but don’t sleep on the Pirates.  P.S. I LOVE Big East basketball.

#11 UCONN 93, Iona 74
Despite 29 points from Stanley Robinson, I am still not sold on him as a NBA prospect.  I really like Gavin Edwards’ game and which Marquette had a player like him.

11 minutes in, the score was 14-8.  I nearly fell asleep.

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  1. “League” I’m going to start using that now I think.

    Legion is a BUST…..he’s an overhyped nothing like Richard Keene, or pre senior year brian butch

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