College Hoops 101



By David K

Welcome to a weekly article at where I will give you the 101 on what has happened in the week of college basketball and what is to come in the days ahead.


-Time to gush about Marquette.  Before this past week, people had been questioning them because they had played a “soft” Big East schedule.  Put that talk to rest as MU picked up a pair of very impressive wins against talented, albeit struggling teams: winning at Notre Dame and home against Georgetown.  They are now 8-0 in conference, 19-2 on the season, and are officially for real.  I absolutely love the swagger and moxie this team is playing with and never feel like they are ever out of a game because of their veteran guards and the continued growth of Lazar Hayward.  Buzz Williams has to be a top contender for National Coach of the Year.  He has to be.

-Peter Christian recently asked me who would be the toughest match-up for Marquette looking ahead to the NCAA Tournament.  My first response was Louisville since they have had MU’s number the past couple seasons.  The next team I thought of was Wake.  They are so athletic, have size, and undoubtedly the most improved player in the country, Jeff Teague, who is running this team to perfection.

Speaking of Teague, here would be my votes for All-Americans at this point:

First Team:

Blake Griffin, Oklahoma (POY)
Stephen Curry, Davidson
Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
Tyler Hansborough, UNC
Jeff Teague, Wake Forest

Second Team:

James Harden, Arizona State
Jordan Hill, Arizona
Jerel McNeal, Marquette
Terrence Williams, Louisville
Nick Calathes, Florida

-People make fun of me when I ask them not to tell me the score of a game I DVR’ed and really, really want to watch.  The Duke/Wake game is why I HEART college basketball (but I do not heart shih tzu’s like Hurley on “Lost.”)  For the record, the Demon Deacon fans did not violate one of the “Rushing the Court” Rules.  Anytime you knock off the top ranked team in the country on your home floor, you have every right to go nuts.

-St. Mary’s is officially screwed.  Their star point guard Patrick Mills went down with a hand injury Thursday night against Gonzaga and will now miss a month.  The Gales suffered their second loss of the season against the Zags and were then blown out by Portland with Mills on the shelf.  Ruh-roh.

My AP Top Ten (if I actually voted in the poll)

1. UConn (20-1)
2. Oklahoma (21-1)
3. North Carolina (19-2)
4. Wake Forest (17-2)
5. Duke (19-2)
6. Pitt (19-2)
7. Louisville (17-3)
8. Marquette (19-2)
9. Xavier (19-2)
10. Clemson (18-2)

Nipping on their heels:

Butler (19-1)
Memphis (18-3)
Villanova (17-4)

Fast Forward

UConn at Louisville (Monday, 6:00 ESPN)

-Big Monday is extra BIG this week.  UConn will likely be the new #1 in the country and something will have to give as both teams are winners of their last nine games.

Notre Dame at UCLA (Saturday, 12:00 CBS)

-This is a big-time non-conference game for both teams.  The Fighting Irish are struggling mightily having dropped five in a row and could quickly find themselves on the wrong side of the dreaded bubble if they lose to the Bruins.

Memphis at Gonzaga (Saturday, 8:00 ESPN)

-Another battle of streaking teams.  The Tigers have won 12 straight, the Zags 8 in a row.  This will be a huge resume builder for whichever team is victorious come seeding time.

Minnesota at Michigan State (Wednesday, 7:30, BTN)
Purdue at Illinois (Sunday, 12:00 CBS)

-With Michigan State losing to Penn State, the Big Ten race is now wide open.  Purdue, Illinois, and Minnesota are each one game back of Sparty and will need a big ‘W’ if they want to stay in contention.

The Drive to 225

To update my goal of watching 225 college basketball games this season… I blame a 14-hour bender Saturday before, during, and after the Marquette-Georgetown game for a less productive week of watching college hoops.

Games watched through 2/1:  153

Games watched this past week: 12

Marquette at Notre Dame
Oklahoma at Oklahoma St.
Purdue at Wisconsin
Duke at Wake Forest
St. Mary’s at Gonzaga
Clemson at Virginia Tech
Washington at Arizona
Illinois at Minnesota
St. Mary’s at Gonzaga
Georgetown at Marquette
Notre Dame at Pitt
Florida at Tennessee


  1. paulmbanks says

    No Trent Meacham for All-American consideration

  2. Melissa W. says

    I agree Buzz Williams all the way – if he doesn’t get a nod, chaos should ensue.

  3. Peter Christian says

    Trent Meacham joins Goran Suton as candidates to replace Drew Neitzel. I despise both. They are both reaching full HATE level at an alarming rate.

  4. Peter Takahashi says

    Taylor Battle

  5. Ghost in the Machine says

    I hope MU beats DPU by 40 tomorrow. I despise DPU.

  6. I want to have a sexy time explosion

  7. paulmbanks says

    q: when goran was out of the game…why did that make Tom Izzo underdressed for the occasion?

    a: because he didnt have his SU-TON!!! LOL wakka wakka wakka

  8. paulmbanks says

    If Meacham keeps shooting has poorly as he has he wont be worth hating for long. Pete, please expound on your hatred of Trent Meacham. Paul Schmidt will jump all over that!

  9. Arizona!!!!!!

    Diddy Out

  10. Ghost in the Machine says

    I say next week provided MU wins tomorrw and PITT beats DePAUL, PIT 4, MU 5, Dook 6, Clem 7, Xav 8(provided they win 2nite), UL 9, Wake 10.

  11. Xavier won… I like Ghost’s 4-10… I personally would swap Wake and L-Ville, but in the last rankings L-Ville was ahead of Wake so that’s how it will probably look… u could maybe throw Clemson ahead of Dook as well since the The Tigers crushed them…

  12. Bruce Weber says

    WHO CARES!!!???

  13. Ghost in the Machine says

    So much for MU @ #5

  14. paulmbanks says

    So much for Illinois winning the Big Ten

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