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TCU football

I have discovered a dangerous tool that will immensely help my college basketball viewing this season.  Last year my cable provider did not let me access  This year, I can successfully get as it is now called.  EUREKA!

This is scary on so many levels.  Not only can I now multi-task and watch two games at once, but I can also catch any ESPN televised game I want at any time with the replay tool.  This is like locking a sex addict in a room with ten naked girls and telling him to behave himself.

If you are unfamiliar with College Hoops 101, it is a weekly feature here at The Sports Bank that runs every Monday and breaks down everything you need to know going on in the world of college hoops.  I will look back at the previous week and peak ahead to some of the key match-ups in the next seven days.  In case you missed it, be sure to check out my first Field of 68 (aka Bracketology) in which I predict the NCAA Tournament brackets and all of my in-depth team previews.

By: David Kay

The Drive
Games watched in 2008-2009: 275
Games watched in 2009-2010: 327
Games watched in 2010-2011: 13

Teams I saw play in 2009-2010: 125
Teams I have seen play this season: 22

(Home teams in CAPS)

PITT 83, Rhode Island 75
Solid first game of the season… Is there a crueler fan base than Pitt’s Zoo?  The fans would chant, “USA! USA! USA!” anytime Rhode Island’s Nikola Malesevic, who is a native of Serbia, did anything detrimental to his team.

TEXAS 83, Navy 52

The Longhorns Jordan Hamilton had a facial of a dunk:

Jordan Hamilton Facial

MARYLAND 75, Charleston 74
Terps’ freshman Pe’Shon Howard with our first “ONIONS” moment of the year, hitting the game-winning jumper with five seconds to play.

TEXAS 89, Louisiana Tech 58
Fun fact: the players on LA Tech only have a combined eight years of Division One college basketball experience.

INDIANA 88, Florida Gulf Coast 60
The Hoosiers are going to the be the best of the bad Big Ten teams this season.  Coming off back-to-back dismal seasons, that is saying something.

SYRACUSE 68, Northern Iowa 46
‘Cuse freshman seven-footer Fab Melo has the best name in college basketball since Exree Hipp but he looks like a mix between Benoit Benjamin, Kevin Duckworth, and Greg Oden.

MARQUETTE 97, Prairie View A&M 58
It took me less than four minutes of game time to already fall in love with Marquette.  They played hard on the defensive end and unselfishly on offense which picks up right where they left off last season.

KANSAS STATE 75, James Madison 61
If I was a high school kid, I would be afraid to commit to K-State and play for Frank Martin.  Dude is scary.

MARQUETTE 72, Bucknell 61

Golden Eagles trailed 57-45 with ten minutes to play, but went on a 27-4 run to end the game.  THANK. GOD.  I may have had a heart attack if they lost.

SYRACUSE 86, Canisius 67
Fun Fact #2: Canisius starts five seniors who have already earned their undergrad degree.

DUKE 97, Princeton 60
Oh YAY!  The return of thousands of Dell Curry cutaway shots in the crowd now that his son Seth is playing for Coach K.  I thought that may have ended after Steph was done playing at Davidson, but NOOOOOOO… at least Mrs. Curry is not awful to look at.

ARIZONA 90, Idaho State 42

‘Zona looks so much more mature this year having been under Sean Miller for a full season now.  I believe the ‘Cats are going to be very dangerous this year.

WISCONSIN 99, Prairie View A&M 55
Jon Leuer is going to be the Big Ten Player of the Year.  Mark it down.  Check out The Sports Bank’s Nick Grays post-game recap on this game.

Oregon basketball court

-Have you seen what the floor on Oregon’s new basketball court is going to look like?  Why do they insist on trying to be different all the time?

-Already bad news for two highly recruited freshmen; Kentucky’s Enes Kanter was ruled ineligible to play due to amateur issues.  Memphis wing Jelan Kendrick has left the program after having already been suspended earlier in the season.  The loss  impacts UK worse as they go from Final Four contender with Kanter, to Sweet 16 hopefuls without him.  Kansas is still awaiting word on stud combo guard Josh Selby’s status which is still being reviewed by the NCAA.

free enes

-Weekend upsets:
Wake Forest losing at home to Stetson, 89-79
St. Louis losing at home to Austin Peay, 64-62
Auburn losing at home to UNC-Asheville, 70-69 in OT
Iowa losing at home to South Dakota State, 79-69 (although this is not really an upset since I picked Iowa as the worst of the 72 power conference teams)

“They are like BP Oil, drilling it from deep.” -Corey Williams, FSN Pacific

Fast Forward
-ESPN’s 24 hours of college basketball begins Monday night at midnight eastern with Miami FL at Memphis.  There are actually some really good games.
St. John’s at St. Mary’s
Virginia Tech at Kansas State
Ohio State at Florida
Butler at Louisville
San Diego State at Gonzaga

-Illinois/Texas vs. Pitt/Maryland
The 2K Classic semifinals are Thursday night with the championship and third place games Friday.  Either way, we will get a battle of Top 25 teams Thursday and Friday night in what is the unofficial tip-off of Feast Week and what will be a terrific Thanksgiving week of college basketball tournaments.  Look for an in-depth preview of all the holiday tournaments in the up-coming week-plus.

-Wisconsin at UNLV, Saturday 6:00, Versus

A great early season road test as the Badgers head to Sin City.  You should see a contrast of style as Wisconsin’s half-court offense faces a Rebel team that can up and down the floor.

November 8, 2010

David Kay is a senior feature NBA Draft, NBA, and college basketball writer for the Sports Bank.  He also heads up the NBA and college basketball material at Walter and The Washington Times Communities.  You can follow him on Twitter at DavidKay_TSB.


  1. This is awesome David, probably my favorite article to start each week with now.

  2. Thanks Nick… this article is one of my “babies”

  3. Get ready for Shocker basketball tomorrow, Kay!! Go Shox!

  4. Please make a chat for tomorrow’s Wichita State-Texas Southern tomorrow and next Monday’s UConn-Wichita State Maui game at 2:05/Wichita/Madison Time.

  5. WSU-TXSO is at 7:05/Wichita/Madison Time.

  6. Sorry Brian, I will be at the Badgers game tomorrow night… 7:00 tip… but good luck to your Shox

  7. What about the UConn-WSU game?

  8. Or could you possibly make a chat about the WISC game and I say what the score is and how good the main players are playing at halftime and end of the game?

  9. ahahahahha. we don’t take requests for live chats! we just decide and go from there

  10. DAMN- Whose cheerleaders are those? K-State?

    another terrible announcer line. Tim Doyle (believe me we will be syaing his name A LOT this year “The Illini are like the Kardashians right now, they’re just getting whatever they want”

    he’s the same guy who once called Trent Meacham “one of the best outside shooters in the nation”

  11. And wtf Oregon? did you just sprinkle glue and sawdust on your court? that is even uglier than their ugly ass football uniforms

  12. TCU cheerleaders… and I think the terrible announcer line of the week might be my new favorite addition to CH 101…

    Brian- I won’t have internet at the Badgers game… and we only usually do live chats come tourney time… sorry

  13. That’s okay. :)

  14. I am attempting the tip-off marathon, 24 hours of college hoops, I am currently 3 hours and 40 minutes in.

  15. 4 hours!

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