1. You have memphis listed 2Xs

  2. Ghost in the Machine says

    It’s Memphis- they get 2 chances. Ask D Rose.

  3. paulmbanks says

    I like seeing MSU as a #1 seed already

  4. Nice bracket!

  5. Wow. You were right on the 1 seed even though only Michigan State won their conference tournament.

  6. @Ghost in the Machine So true. lol It was good to be a Jayhawk in 07-08!

  7. WICHITA STATE-VCU in UK’s Bracket!

  8. I’m liking the bracket so far. I like that Iona is in it. Most underrated team in the country along with MY WICHITA STATE SHOCKERS!!!!!

  9. So WSU is a 5 South seed and KU is a 1 Midwest seed.

  10. *2 Midwest seed.

  11. YEAH!! AWESOME!!!!

  12. Brian’s back… uh-oh… great season for your Shox

  13. I know. Nice to be back! Great to be a Shocker! lol GO SHOX! Horrific thing is this is their best season in a long time and I didn’t go to a game when I did the last 2 seasons. I’m so stupid.

  14. Funny thing. I remember visiting the chat 2 years ago and I suddenly remember your website so I decided to go for Selection Sunday, expecting another chat but I saw the only thing was your last Bracketology.

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