Northwestern Football: Recent History of Slow Starts, Fast Finishes

pat fitzgerald

After yesterday’s 31-10 (a score that doesn’t do justice to the lopsidedness) home blowout loss to unranked Michigan State, Northwestern football Coach Pat Fitzgerald was asked about his team’s bad record in September. He seemed to channel his inner Billy Joe Armstrong as his response evoked the Green Day anti-Iraq War song “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

“Is it over yet?” Fitzgerald responded. It was then pointed out to him that one more game remains this month, a trip to #13 Wisconsin. “Awesome. All right, let’s go,” he responded in a fun manner.

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Michigan State Spartans vs Northwestern Wildcats Game Preview, Prediction


The spirit of former Illinois Fighting Illini Head Coach Lou Tepper is certainly strong in the Michigan State Spartans, and that will certainly be well on display in their next game, Saturday at Northwestern.

You might recall the Tepper tenure in Champaign, 1991-96, in which he went 27-31-2 with a lot of extremely low scoring and well “pragmatic” games. That’s the word English soccer writers and announcers used to describe tedious affairs: “pragmatic.” Say what you want about the Michigan State Spartans and their style of play- they can go anywhere in the country, play anybody, and turn it into a rock fight.

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2020 NFL Mock Draft 9-18-19

nfl draft

We have 2020 vision, NFL Draft style, right here, right now. It’s our fourth 2020 NFL mock draft update, and the order was based on a combination of’s power rankings plus how we see the teams finishing the season out. Team needs were sometimes, but not often taken into account, as it’s just way too early to factor in. Obviously this will be modified many times between now and 2020 NFL Draft day.

So I implore you to really not take this very seriously, and just have fun with it. Please refrain from pointless hostility and needless acrimony in the comments section. Don’t be that guy. You have too much to do in your life than to waste it on trivial online conflict like that. Enjoy!

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Northwestern Wildcats vs UNLV Rebels Game Preview

The QB1A and QB1B bit didn’t work out at all for the Northwestern Wildcats, who played well enough win their opener on the road at #25 Stanford, but fell just short due to a lack of offensive productivity.

The Northwestern defense was game in Palo Alto, but the NU passing game was pretty much non-existent, and the Cats will look to get that going in week two when they host the UNLV Rebels. On Thursday, Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald verified what had already been widely reported the previous Saturday- QB1B T.J. Green had foot surgery and is out for the season.

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ESPN College Gameday: How it Went From Transcendent to Unwatchable


Republishing from 9-16-17

To pinpoint what’s so wrong with ESPN College Gameday in 2017, there are a couple different places from which you can start. You can begin with ESPN’s horrible bungling of the Jemele Hill and Robert Lee situations, and go from there. The same principle, that of “let’s try to never hurt anyone’s feelings ever, no matter what the cost, because hurt feelings means upset sponsors” applies across the board.

ESPN should have never apologized for what Jemele Hill said about Donald Trump.

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Northwestern Has Severe Quarterbacking Issues Heading into Bye Week

hunter johnson

Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald is well publicized Chicago White Sox fan. One of the most heralded Sox teams of his youth, the 1983 American League West Division champion edition, went by the slogan and mantra of “Winnin’ Ugly.”

Had NU pulled off the victory today at #25 Stanford (and they came pretty close in the end), the catch-phrase certainly would have applied. It might have even qualified as the ugliest win in history, had it come through. The Wildcats had the ball down just 10-7 (thanks to a couple Stanford fumbled snaps) with half a minute left at The Farm, but then this happened:

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P.J. Fleck Strongly Praises His Coaching Role Model Pat Fitzgerald

pj fleck

Other than himself, obviously, there is probably one specific individual that Minnesota mentor P.J. Fleck would have win the Big Ten Coach of the Year award. That would be the current reigning the B1GCOY, Fleck’s coaching mentor, Northwestern head man Pat Fitzgerald.

Back when Fleck was just starting out in his coaching career, working as an assistant at his alma mater, Northern Illinois, he called up all the coaches in his contacts and offered to take them out to lunch and talk shop. The aim was to pick their brains and get some pro tips about how to move up the ladder.

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Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin Badgers to Make B1G Very Big Tenny this Fall

Don’t laugh- the best college football playoff contender in the Big Ten this year will come out of the West division. It’s the Wisconsin Badgers, led by Jonathan Taylor, their star tailback and strong Heisman Trophy contender.  Taylor could be the best back in the country and he’s the only Big Ten individual player with a realistic shot at the highest individual honor.

He’s coming off back to back top ten finishes in Heisman voting, so the best online casinos usa will have him among the top contenders on their board to claim the award this fall. As they should, because Taylor is poised to become the first Badger to receive a Heisman finalist invitation to New York City since Montee Ball.

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Northwestern LB Paddy Fisher Poised to Rack Up Plaudits this Season

Northwestern’s best player this season will be their middle linebacker, a downhill, run-stuffing All-America first team candidate. Stop us if you heard this one before.

Yes, Paddy Fisher, a freshman All-American, has drawn plenty of comparisons to who his head coach, Pat Fitzgerald, who won both the Bronko Nagurski and Chuck Bednarik award (which honor the nation’s top defensive player) twice. Both men shy away from the “Baby Fitz” label being applied to Fisher. The coach will tell you that he never had his pupil’s athleticism and natural ability while the student makes it known how much he needs to do in order to match his mentor’s accomplishments. 

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Pat Fitzgerald Will Back the White Sox When the All-Chicago World Series Happens (Exclusive)

pat fitzgerald

Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald believes we will see a red line World Series in our life times, and when we do he’ll be sporting the silver and black of the South Side. Fitzgerald, who grew up in suburban Orland Park, held court with the media at the end of NU spring football practice, and then, after other reporters dispersed, we hung around a bit longer to talk Chicago baseball.

The Chicago Cubs brought Fitzgerald in this offseason to talk to the coaching staff, due to his expertise in communicating with college and soon-to-be college players. Northwestern is very intertwined with the Cubs as they share some corporate partners, and until recent years, broadcast partners.

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QB Hunter Johnson on Clemson to Northwestern Adjustments, Differences

hunter johnson

In Dabo Swinney’s Clemson football program, every week of practice has a striking similarity to the world of pet Instagram accounts. In both spheres of influence, each day has a theme. At Clemson, there’s “Mental Monday,” “TANOGA (takeaways, no giveaways) Tuesday,” “Working Man Wednesday” and “Team Thursday.”

In the world of cat Instagram accounts you have “Tongue out Tuesday,” “Whisker (or Wicked Cat) Wednesday,” “Purrsday,” “Friday Night Box Pawty,” “Caturday” and “Sunday Funday.” In other words, there’s a theme every week that must be adhered too, and you will conform! It was exactly one year ago today that Northwestern officially announced the incoming transfer of quarterback Hunter Johnson from Clemson.

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Pat Fitzgerald on His Chicago Cubs Consulting Gig this Past Offseason

Although Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald would never actually use any of these following terms himself: gen-Xer, millenial, gen Z, the Chicago Cubs deemed him an expert in bridging the generation gap. 

The Cubs brought Fitzgerald in this offseason to talk to the coaching staff, due to his expertise in communicating with college and soon-to-be college players. “We all learned a little something from that talk,” Cubs GM Theo Epstein told the Chicago Tribune a week after the consultation.

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