College Sports Fans Beware the Nefarious Influence of the Recruiting-Industrial Complex

It’s really astounding when you think about it- in an era when almost no one is willing to pay for news content, recruiting services can survive and thrive off a subscription-based business model.

The year-round extensive coverage of college recruiting, at every step in the process, has destroyed media coverage of college sports. It’s not just the rise of the recruiting-industrial complex itself that ruined it. Recruiting sites flourished at the same time social media exploded and these two phenomena fed off of each other to concoct a toxic cocktail.

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2018 NBA Mock Draft 6-21-18 Final Edition

NBA-mock-Draft-sacramento kings

Welcome to our fourth version of our 2018 NBA Mock Draft. It’s the first edition post lottery. For more on a given prospect, click his name where hyper-linked, and that will take you to an in-depth feature piece on said player. Team needs were sometimes, but not always taken into account, and the order was derived from Tankathon, who we linked here.

You may not agree with the picks in this 2018 NBA mock draft, and yes, somebody will get left out, but you can air your grievances in the comments section. Just keep it all above board.

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Michigan State Basketball, Tom Izzo Seriously Overrated Now

You can retire the phrase “January, February, Izzo, April” now. With the Michigan State basketball program failing to survive even the first weekend of the past three NCAA Tournaments, you can retire that saying; at least for now. (Never mind that Michigan State basketball, under Izzo has a 3-6 record in April- that’s some first world problems right now)

It’s not hyperbole to say that yesterday’s UGLY march madness elimination loss to Syracuse in the round of 32 was the worst of Izzo’s career. It wasn’t just the fact that the contest was a brutally unentertaining rock fight, which the powers that be purposely extended as much as possible for television revenue purposes. Thus it further prolonged the Michigan State basketball fan’s horrendous torture that was watching the second half of this contest.

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Pick the Michigan State Spartans in Your Bracket? Why or Why Not

cassius winston

Are you toying with the idea of picking the Michigan State Spartans to win it all in your bracket pool? Well, wagering on March Madness is certainly one of the greatest games of chance that a person can play. New casino bonuses Canada is a lot like entering a NCAA Tournament pool- you just don’t know if the ball will bounce your way, and if luck will be on your side or not.

And much of the Michigan State fan base is located in Canada or very close to it. Additionally, the Spartans will be playing their first two games in Detroit, right across the river from the casinos in Windsor, Ontario. There is a strong case both for and against betting on Purdue, and we’ll explore each side of the coin here.

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Cassius Winston is the Best Spokesperson Michigan St. Basketball Has

cassius winston

Michigan State Spartans Coach Tom Izzo has said that point guard Cassius Winston has the highest IQ out of anybody that he’s ever coached at the position. The MSU basketball media guide describes Winston as having a “high basketball IQ that ranks among the best of the Izzo era.”

We’ve seen that he’s a smart guy on the court- time and time again this season, and his hoops intellect was on full display in the historic, record-setting comeback win at Northwestern on Saturday. The Spartans overcame a 27 point deficit, the biggest margin in all of college basketball in 24 years and the largest in B1G history.

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2018 March Madness Favorites: Michigan State, Xavier, Virginia, Villanova

virginia cavaliers

By Thomas Clarke

The 2018 NCAA Tournament is about a month away as March 11th brings us Selection Sunday. Right now, a number of teams are positioning themselves for seeding and and at-large bids. Predicting the eventual NCAA national champion is really hard once all the teams are set, but picking the winner in mid-February can be mission impossible because the brackets is going to change a lot everyday.

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#2 Michigan State Basketball Record Comeback: Inside the Numbers

tom izzo

The Michigan State basketball program now has a prominent placed in the annals of Rosemont Horizon/AllState Arena history. Today saw the Spartans achieve “Miracle on Mannheim Part 2” in a game that is also historical from both a B1G and national college basketball perspective. 

#2 MSU (26-3, 14-2) won at Northwestern (15-13, 6-9) today by a score of 65-60, in a game where they once trailed by 27 (43-16 with 4:18 to go in the first half. The 27 point comeback is the greatest in B1G history, and the largest biggest in the entire nation this decade. The all time record is 31-points, which was achieved all in the second-half, by Kentucky at LSU in 1994.

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Michigan State Spartans, Villanova Wildcats Co-NCAA Tournament Favorites

cassius winston

Your Michigan State Spartans, along with the Villanova Wildcats, are co-favorites to win it all according to the sports books. You know the saying in East Lansing, Michigan: “January, February, Izzo.” Now while Michigan State is dominant in March, the last weekend of the NCAA Tournament is in April, which has been the cruelest month to the Spartans.

Since their most recent national title in 2000, the Michigan State Spartans have been back to Final Four five times (2001, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2015), and they have only reached the title game in one of those five trips. MSU’s record is 1-5 on the April weekend of the big dance since the glorious night they cut down the nets after beating Florida in 2000.

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Michigan State Basketball Case for a NCAA Tournament #1 Seed

cassius winston

How badly did Michigan State basketball need that win over Purdue this past weekend? Well, let’s put it this way- that triumph became just their second signature win of the season. It’s not the Spartans’ fault the UConn is not UConn this season, Notre Dame is not Notre Dame, and the B1G is a hallowed out shell of what the B1G typically is.

While none of this is MSU’s fault, it nonetheless drags down their resume anyway. Just like Purdue, and their case for a #1 seed, the excessive softness of the B1G this season has devalued their strength of schedule, and thus depreciated their tournament resume.

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Michigan State Basketball: History of Midseason Swoons that Preceded NCAA Glory


It’s extremely unlikely that this #9 Michigan State basketball team will lose at winless-in-conference-play Illinois, but stranger things have happened. The 2000 national championship team actually lost to Wright State, yes the Horizon League school, on December 30, 1999.

The 2008-09 national championship runners-up Spartans actually lost to Northwestern on January 21, 2009 and Penn State on February 1. We’ve seen ultimately phenomenal Michigan State basketball teams even fall victim to really poor Illini sides before, as the 2015 Final Four squad somehow lost, at home no less, to a John Groce led group on February 7 of that year. This Michigan State team also lost to Texas Southern in pre-conference play. This was the famed “Golden Age” of MSU athletics year.

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Illini Revenue Sports Disaster Still Not at Northwestern “Dark Ages” Depths

Illini fans have used many different names to describe the catastrophe that the two revenue-producing sports have become: dumpster fire, tire fire, house on fire, a cartoon dog sitting in the middle of a house fire saying “this is fine.” As egregiously awful as it currently is, and will likely be for a long time, it’s still not unprecedented- not in this conference, and not in this state.

If you go back to the 1980s, a time that many Northwestern fans often refer to as “the dark ages,” you’ll see that things can be worse. It’s always darkest, right before it gets pitch black. Tonight the Illini will welcome #9 Michigan State to their home court, and that’s coincidental (watch a BTN announcer will incorrectly call this “ironic”) as it was these same Spartans who were the most recent team to fall victim to an Illinois revenue producing team back on March 1st.

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Michigan State Basketball Rules the B1G, Purdue is Solid, the Rest is Meh


This current Michigan State basketball team is the class of the B1G, and there is a substantial drop-off below the Spartans. The Purdue Boilermakers were able to shake off a couple bad performances in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving weekend, and now they look very solid.

Then, once again, there’s a massive drop-off to the rest of the league. It’s MSU, Purdue and then just a bunch of guys. Some of those guys are better than the others, but there is no squad that is must see other than the Purdue and Michigan State basketball teams.

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