What is spread betting and why is it important for sport


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Spread betting is a quite common betting technique. This type of bet turns out to be very profitable when the bettor is correctly informed. The wins are up to the skill of the bettor. And so are his losses, as the wins and losses vary depending on what happens during the match.

Spread betting is a type of a bet based on a number of events that can occur during a sports match. 

Spread betting – how does it work

As the name suggests, spread betting is an interval bet. The bookmaker provides this interval. Let’s take an example of a basketball match. The bookmaker offers a bet on the number of faults made during the sports event. It then gives an interval between 5 and 7, for example. The bettor will have the choice between buying the bet, i.e. betting above 7 or selling the bet, which means betting below 5. The calculation of losses and gains is as follows. 

Take the case where the bettor is a buyer. If the results at the end of the game show that the number of faults is greater than 7, say 10. Then the bettor wins is his stake multiplied by (10-7). Suppose the amount of the bet is 20 euros, the payout is therefore 60 euros = 20 x (10-7). Otherwise, the fouls made during the match are less than the betting interval, let’s take 2 as an example. The bettor is therefore wrong about his prognosis and will have to pay his bookmaker the sum of his stake multiplied by (5-2) or 60 euros = 20 x (5-2).

 In the second case where the bettor is a seller, he or she, therefore, bets 20 euros on the fact that the faults will be below 5. If the events prove the bettor right, which means there are less than five faults (two per example) the bettor will win the sum of his stake multiplied by (5-2) or 60 euros. If there are more than 7 faults, say 9, the bettor loses his bet. He will therefore have as a loss: the bet multiplied by (9-7) which creates an amount of 40 euros.

The advantages and the risks of spread betting

This type of bet is ideal for sports match analysts. Bettors who have a keen sense of prognosis have found a bet suited to their talent. In spread betting, the accuracy of forecasts is rewarded for its true value. As in any bet, the bait is none other than winning. Don’t let yourself be blinded by the large sum that spread betting can bring in, even if it is most true because the reverse is just as likely. Spread betting can make you rich, but you can also lose a lot of money in no time. Losses and gains are variable, which is why we must be vigilant. Use your intuition and bet decent amounts, that is to say, up to your means to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Forex spread betting

Spread betting may apply not only to sports but also to Forex trade. It involves betting on the price of the currency pairs. Brokers offer currency spread betting on the price of currency pairs, quoting ask and bid price, which is known as a spread. Traders bet on the movement of the currency pair. They bet on whether the price will be below the bid price or above the ask price. The benefit here is that traders have the option to use the leverage to place the trade. By using leverage, the traders can borrow the money from the brokerage company to place the bets. The traders only have to meet the margin requirements.

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