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W88 is one of the most reputable, amazing online betting websites in Asia. This dealer not only offers players a wide range of attractive betting products but also creates value for entertainment culture around the world. If you are passionate about betting and regularly participate in some games at many different dealers on the market, surely W88 will be your last stop. Because, this is a good supplier and is currently rated highly. To understand more about this dealer, you can review some basic information about W88 below.

W88 originated from any country?

Maybe you do not know? W88 is an online soccer dealer that is operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD. MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD is now a reputable corporation and has a strong economic potential. The headquarters of the W88 dealer is located in the MAKATI city. MAKATI city is a financial, commercial and economic center in the Philippines in particular and in Asia in general.

Not only that, W88 is also an online betting business that licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation. For those of people who don’t know First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation, First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation is the owner of a licensing and regulatory agency in the Cagayan Special Economic Area and the Free Port – Cagayan Special (CSEZFP). Thanks to this license, the W88 dealer is able to operate legally in the field of recreational games. CSEZFP is accredited by the Philippine Government. Therefore, under the guarantee of CSEZFP, W88 is allowed to operate in the field of international games. FCLRC requires some licenses like this to ensure that suppliers use game models in an impartial and safe manner to their customers.

You will definitely regret not using the service of the W88 dealer

With its efforts, W88 has been active in many different countries and gradually asserted its role and position in the market. Apart from the origin of W88, what are the other advantages of this dealer to attract players?

Advantages of the W88 dealer

It can be said that the W88 dealer has created a new breakthrough when applying the most modern methods to bring customers the best products.

Provide variety services for players

After applying modern and advanced methods, W88 can bring players a lot of games such as Keno, iLotto, Blackjack… All of them attract many players to join and entertain. Not only that, W88 also offers users a lot of bet types with different odds. Players can freely choose how to choose, how to entertain in different games of W88 dealer. With these things, the number of members is increasing day by day.

W88 regularly updates and adds so many games and betting services for players

Website interface and application of the W88 dealer

The website interface as well as the dealer’s application are very friendly and easy for players to use. The first impression is extremely important. W88 understands this point and pays great attention to the website interface and the dealer’s application. The W88 dealer has received a lot of compliments from both experts and players in their community.

24/7 support capability

Not only can meet the playing needs of the customers, but W88 can also meet the entertainment needs of the players. High-tech, professional staff is always active, monitored and maintained the server. So that the server can operate stably in the long-term.

Good security

W88 always ensures the level of absolute security about websites, applications and personal information. W88 is one of the few dealers which have successfully invested in smartphone applications with good security. To do this, W88 had to apply quite a lot of technology, techniques and didn’t forget innovating regularly.

Ensuring personal information security is the most important thing

It can be seen that, W88no1 is an excellent bookie in all fields. That is the reason why W88 still exists and develops very well in many countries, especially in some countries with much competition. On the market today, there are many experts who appreciate highly this dealer. If you have the opportunity, you should try to join the W88 and discover the utilities that this dealer brings to the players. We think that you will definitely not regret when being a member of W88!

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