Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Football/Soccer Fans



Whether you call it football, soccer, futbol or even footy, you’re probably aware of the beautiful game’s status as the world’s most popular sport. No matter where in the world you’re reading this post, you’re most likely excited about the coming yuletide after this weekend passes.

Christmas is, as the timeless standard says, “the most wonderful time of the year.” But what do you get the football fan in your life so that you can ensure that “this Christmas, will be a very special Christmas?”

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Here are five of the most dependable and reliable gift ideas that will likely inspire some Christmas cheer this holiday season.

FIFA 19 Video Game

No one single object has been more responsible for the growth of the sport more than this widely popular video game series. Just ask millenials and members of generation Z. It’s easy to understand why, the graphics, movements and audio qualities are all out of this world.  At the time we are writing FIFA 19 is still no 2 in the UK game chart with only Rockstar’s behemoth Red Dead Redemption 2 above it. Another indicator of the game’s popularity is the massive amount of streaming time on Twitch.

Rage compilations are some of the most watched FIFA 19 videos on Youtube. Did you know that some of the most popular UK Twitch streamers are making money while gaming?

Broadcast Subscription Services

How we watch television has changed forever, and it’s never going back to the way it once was. In order to make sure you can see all the football games, especially when you’re on the go (as more and more people are watching video on their smartphones these days), you will likely need the right package deal. Look no further than Boxing Day, as you’ll see all the Premier League teams in action; many at the same time.  Going abroad for your Christmas holidays? Here is how to watch the premier league online, on TV and abroad.

Soccer ball

A no-brainer Christmas gift idea, be sure to take the time to find the kind of ball that is appropriate for the skill level of the gift recipient. Also, try to find one that is most compatible with the kind of surface your friend or family member will be playing on. Are they playing futsal? Make sure you get the right size!

Check out the best sellers on Amazon UK.

Footwear/Sportswear Company Gift Cards

Probably the safest route to go because then it is up to the recipient to decide what he/she will spend it on. Need shoes/cleats? How about some soccer shorts? A breathable top for those sweaty sessions at the gym? There is a lot of convenience with this option, because almost all the sportswear manufacturers sell shoes and vice versa. You can find pretty much everything you need in one stop. Try JD Sport Gift Cards,

Match Tickets

Another natural fit as this gift idea is a safe choice. Plus, most venues have a tiered pricing structure these days, so you can find a viable option for every budget; more or less. Hurry up though, clock is ticking!

Will you be buying gifts for Football fans this year?

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