Tips To Excel In The World Of Professional Esports


As esports continues to grow as a global industry, now worth over $1billion in 2019, simultaneously- the scope for accessing the world of esports on a professional level increases. If you’re keen to tap into the esports industry on a pro scale, you’ll perhaps need to step up your current game with the following pointers. 

 Master one platform 

 When choosing a gaming platform, the available contenders are of course the PC, a console like Xbox or PS4, or a mobile. Consoles are often the top choice for aspiring esports professions because they are built specifically for the purpose of gaming. Having said this, PCs are also very popular in the esports world and can facilitate the playing of some games that a console cannot. The mobile is the lesser-used platform in the gaming world as the smaller screens, and lack of controls give it distinct disadvantages at a competitive level. 

 Choose your best game style

 As esports games naturally vary in type, you’ll want to give up the idea of being a jack of all trades and just focus on one type of game that you are best at.  If you channel all your practice time in one set direction, you’ll quickly master the art and finer details of the game. You might prefer FFS (first-person shooter games) like Call of Duty or Counterstrike? Or perhaps real-time strategy games like Warcraft are more of your preferred gaming experience? Multiplayer Battle Arena games are more suited to those who enjoy contributing to a team whereby players will have different strategies, techniques, and abilities that work together, Defense of the Ancients, for instance, qualifies as one such game.

Put in the hours (and hours)

 Getting up to the level of the pros is going to take a lot of hours, so put them in, but don’t forget to have fun with it and remember your health with those much needed regular breaks, clean-eating, and enough sleep. A recent study conducted via the British Journal of Medicine suggests that esports players should get the same medical care as athletes. The study raises the idea of players needing to meet 60 mins of physical activity a day and raises concerns in any instances where this might not be the case. 

Beyond Gaming 

 It’s not just gamers who can enter the professional world of esports. Many other roles exist within the industry from event managers and agents to production crews and social media managers. If you have the skills and knowledge of esports, along with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting an esports organisation could even be on the cards with the right determination, and of course-the funding. 

 The great thing about start-ups in our current climate is that the rise of technology has allowed us to conduct so many of our business dealings remotely and virtually. Creating your own website, branding, and utilising social media for digital marketing purposes all easily await the budding entrepreneur at their fingertips. There are even services that provide premium virtual business addresses; providing excellent virtual office packages and solutions with no need to shell out the cash for your own premises. 

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