Three Ways Football Betting Fans Can Prepare for the Return of the Premier League


There is talk of the Premier League making its return in June, but that still feels a long way away. It was on 13 March that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the suspension of the English Premier League. The lack of games taking place has hit football betting fans hard. What can they do until the day when we can see Liverpool and Manchester City play again? Here’s three ways you can prepare for the return of the Premier League.

1 Join a new online sports betting site

If betting on football is your passion, then joining an online sports betting site is a great idea. You may be a member of one already but there are so many out there that offer a great range of services. There’s not a massive amount of sport to bet on at present but still enough to keep you occupied.

These sites also offer virtual sports betting and most online bookmakers also offer casino games too and they can be played 24/7 with some great cash prizes to be won. If you want more information about what is available, going to a site such as that supplies its readers with details about online sites that offer football betting. There is also helpful advice on the different kind of bets available to get you prepared for when the Premier League returns.

If joining new online sites, reading up about them is extremely important. The last thing you want to do is end up joining a site that could be dishonest. Make sure you become a member of one that is licensed and regulated.

2 Bet on other Football Leagues

The word is that there are actually other leagues in the world other than our own. We’ve all been hit hard by the sudden suspension of the Premier League. That’s particularly been the case for online betting sites who suddenly had to adapt to life without the top leagues around the world being out of action for heaven knows how long.

Initially, bookmakers were offering odds on leagues in South America and Australia, until they were also suspended. Recent weeks have seen an increasing reliance on the Belarus Premier League and Nicaraguan Clausura League. Who would have though football fans who love a bet or two, would be studying the form of teams such as Smolevichi, Isloch Minsk, FC Slutsk, Walter Ferretti and Jalapa?

You might think that betting on sides that are unfamiliar to you isn’t going to produce good wins. Thankfully, we live in a time where the internet is packed with statistics. Accessing those will help you decide just who to be placing your bets on.

3 Do some Research

Can you remember the last set of results in the Premier League?  What kind of form were Liverpool in before the Premier League was suspended? It’s likely that you might just struggle to answer those questions. It’s ok when the press is continually looking at how teams are progressing and who might qualify for Europe or be relegated to the Championship. Now though, it’s a different situation with the main focus being on how clubs are being affected financially and when will the Premier League resume, if at all?

When the Premier League does hopefully resume in June, it’s likely to be a manic schedule. The season needs to be completed before the end of July, so the fixture list could resemble that we see over Christmas.

With so many games likely in such a short period of time, we need to be preparing ourselves for the return. We’ve got a bit of spare time on our hands, so let’s put it to good use. Delve through all the football stats websites and build up a form guide that will hopefully lead to some good wins when the Premier League returns.

We’re living in troubled times and heaven knows what is awaiting us in the future. At this time of the year, there are usually top matches in the English Premier League that we can be betting on. Title deciders, games that will decide who will qualify for the Champions League and six-pointers down at the bottom of the table. The absence of these games is a big blow, but we need to be using this down time to our advantage. Hopefully, the Premier League will return in June and we’ll be ready to get some good wins gambling on the matches we so miss at present.

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