The New Set of Gambling Restrictions in UK


Gambling is a very intensive activity and kind of attracts gamblers like flames attract a moth. The UK Gambling Commission has taken it upon themselves to restrict this addictive nature of gambling for the benefit of gamblers all around the world. Their new target is the online slot machines which attract numerous players and aim at making them safer.

According to, one of the most interesting features about the new set of rules for gambling in the UK-based online slot machines would be a speed limit for the spin. Glorification of losses in an attempt to make the players more and more would also be completely banned according to the new rules. The total number of wins, as well as the losses that a player has incurred, has to be visibly displayed on the screen at all times. Such rules are likely to be applied by the end of October, this year.

The new rules are likely to affect more than 70% of the games that are available online. The average loss that a player is likely to incur is also supposed to be positively affected by the newer restrictions to be implemented by the UKGC. Gamblers in the UK have spent as much as £2.2bn on slots. The UKGC has already targeted the fixed-odds betting terminals around the UK and will now tackle the online betting scene. The main problem with gambling is that it is highly addictive and thus players tend to binge-play without thinking about anything else. The UKGC has taken this into account and is set to reduce the addictive nature of this activity. Certain features in the slots will also be removed that push the games to the players’ advantage.

Various addictive tendencies in players lead them to increased playing and losing control, risking extensive monetary losses, and so on. The UKGC aims to prevent these actions on the players’ end and thus are designing such restrictions. Yet, the new restrictions are facing certain backlash, especially from members of the British parliament. They consider that the UKGC is too small a body to be handling something so huge. Gambling is spread across numerous communities throughout the world and they fear that the UKGC is not well-equipped enough to handle it!

Some Future Implications

Gambling companies that partake in sports or darts gambling will also be banned according to the new restrictions. Certain big companies have enough influence and resources to manipulate the results of games wherein fairness is eliminated. The restrictions have however received criticism from some sports authorities who will be negatively impacted since they receive support from some companies who sponsor them!

Reverse withdrawals will also be banned by the UKGC through their new restrictions. Reverse withdrawal allows players to either withdraw their winnings or use it to play some more games on the slots. With a ban on this feature, players will not be lulled into playing more and more games thus helping to control the addictive nature of gambling. The use of credit cards to deposit funds into online accounts has already been banned. An age limit has also been set for participants in the National Lottery.

These strict measures are implemented because the addictive nature of gambling can destroy lives. However, whether such strictness will take away the fun from the activity or not is yet to be found!


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