The Future of Sports Betting


Just the mention of sports can send people into a frenzy, then add in the idea of wearing on sports and there is a whole new dimension of excitement.  The world of online sports betting is one that has exploded and shows no signs of slowing down. 

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and online betting has allowed the sports betting industry to grow exponentially as it takes the local bookie on the corner out into the global betting marketplace.

It is expected that all sports betting, or at least 95% of it, will take place online, giving players a more competitive industry where they can access better odds, wider lines, larger betting markets, not to mention more rewarding bonuses.  They will no longer be beholden to accept the rules of their local.  

The growth of the top live casinos online industry, and also with the introduction of betting with cryptocurrency, allows softer cross-border regulations, which opens betting opportunities available to players in restricted jurisdictions.

Development of Sports Betting Technology

But what is even more interesting is that as the tech world develops it is integrating more and more into the world of sports and that of betting. Technology is being used to gather and analyze data to produce faster, more rewarding results for gamblers, as they will have the ability to predict outcomes more accurately. 

Tech companies look set to replace bookies in the future, with betting exchanges growing in popularity, based on a similar set up to the stock market model. This would be a major gain for the industry as there will be no shy-high overheads, and because players around the globe can access it, it means it would have a potentially much bigger book.

Giant Tech companies are also developing software to help take over the industry, but so are individuals such as Elihu Feustel, of India. He has developed an app that helps with the prediction of Tennis matches that he says has increased his profits substantially.

A.I. and Robots will seemingly be apart of the sports betting future as well.  This will in all likelihood affect pre-event betting as well as in-play betting.  The thought is that information fed from various sources like in-event camera trackers, microchips, biometric sensors and others will all help formulate more accurate statistics to provide better odds and betting options, while players will be able to be more accurate in their predictions.

Legalization of US Sports Betting

Many believe going forward the legalization of betting in the US would also add a massive boost to the industry in the future.  Most bets on big events like the NFL are made illegally which means the industry, for that event alone, is losing profits on about 4 billion bets and 100’s of million in money on that alone. The US boasts one of the most robust sports betting audiences in the world, who if could bet legally could be a serious injection of capital into the industry.

To Sum It Up

Sports betting is here to stay.  Regardless of the format that players have been used to it all looks set to get even more interesting and perhaps even more profitable in the future. As technology streamlines and develops, along with the online betting industry, players are going to be able to make keener predictions, with a wider range of currencies, on a massive range of sports markets.  There will be even more opportunity for big win combinations. 

The best way forward for sports bettors is to stay abreast of the latest information and technologies available and to make sure they understand the insides and outs of each development. Knowledge is key and with sports betting and its rapid acceleration that could not be more true.

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