Sports Essay: How to Write a Good College Paper


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By Jason Verduzco

Writing is a hard job. Every essay requires a lot of time and knowledge. You must be good at writing itself, you must be aware of the sports in general and do research about the topic, you must be good on proofreading and ready to advise and feedback.

You see, it is a serious kind of work, and you will spend a lot of time to have a quality result. It concerns all kind of essays, but now we will discuss some specialties about sports essays and how to write them well. If your first thought after reading this was ‘if someone can write my papers for me’, we have two good pieces of news for you. The first one is that there are a lot of online services that can do it for you. The second one we have some advice and comments below to make it easier, so let’s start.

Sport is life. You must care about it and be in love with it to write an unforgettable essay

The main recipe for successful sports essay is to be in love with the sport. It means that you will be good at your favorite kind of sports and sportsmen you followed for years. You already know the history of your favorite team, its players, and coaches. You remember the positions on the championship every year and can explain it. You remember the changes in the line-up and transfers of players. All this knowledge gives you extra points during writing.

We believe that if you are a great fan, you will not need to research and can make perfect and reasoned conclusions without any help. However, the main goal in this situation is to get a topic you are great because you can’t save the quality writing about tennis, horse sport, basketball or polo. 

Use proofreading, online checkers, follow the rules of writing

This part is not about the topic, but about the rules of writing. Every college has its own rules for different kinds of writing. Before starting, you must acquaint with them and strictly follow, in another case your score can be less even if your thoughts are brilliant. Use checkers of punctuation and grammar.

They are already installed in MS Word or Google docs, and there are a lot of independent online services. Choose the one you prefer more, and use it. The last is proofreading. If you don’t feel like a writer and worse than that you hate writing, professional proofreading can be a saver for this, these services are also online and available to everyone.

Researching, reliable sources, and bibliography

If you are not strong in the sports topic, you need to research. It is a common practice for every essay, so there is a lot of information online you can find. The only question is if you can believe it or not. Every year it appears a lot of websites that are not responsible for any information they show, so be careful. Use official links for statistics and famous sites of newspapers or research organizations.

The obvious part of using them is to remind all of them in your bibliography. It is very important because it may seem that you stole the thought or the research. It is not very dangerous in the college paper, but if someday you will use it for your diploma or dissertation, it might be a disaster if you lose some source.

That’s all in general. These tips sound volume and hard to follow all at the same time, but try to divide them into small parts and spend some time to think about it. After this, the whole picture of the writing process will appear in your mind, and your essay will be successful.


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