Six Reasons Sports Job Seekers Should Consider A Resume Writing Service



For many job seekers, especially sports enthusiasts, writing a resume can be a daunting task. You have to summarize your
entire professional and academic career into a single page. Since you have so little space, you
likely have a lot of questions you’re thinking about.

Should I include that one internship from college? Do I need to mention my most recent
employer? Do recruiters even care about this skill?

All of these questions can overwhelm even the most experienced of job seekers. If you’re having
trouble crafting your resume, fear not: there are professional resume writers available to help you
transform your application. They write, proofread, and conduct research to make sure you have
the highest chance at securing your next job.

Still not convinced? Read on for six reasons you may need a resume writer! Keep in mind, finding the right resume writer may be difficult, and it’s always good to do a thorough review of the best resume services that are available to you.

You’re not the best writer

Let’s face it: if you’re going into sports entertainment or as a semi-pro sports player, you probably didn’t focus too hard on those essays in college. And who could blame you? But that means you might have difficulty conveying what makes you an excellent candidate.

Since recruiters spend an average of six seconds looking at a resume, you must write it well.
Thankfully, professional resume services focus on one goal: telling the best version of you
possible. By selecting key action words and tailoring your resume to every job posting, these
professionals are able to tell an extremely convincing story about you to your future employer.

You don’t have enough free time

If you’re still employed and simultaneously searching for a new job, you don’t have all the time
in the world to spend hours working tirelessly on your resume. Looking for a new job can be
exhausting, and professional resume writers can immediately alleviate your stress.
After all, you should focus on spending more time doing the things you love, like hanging out
with friends, going for a walk, or even just watching TV. Don’t let crafting a perfect resume for
every job posting get in the way of doing what you love!

You worry the job market is too competitive

With more and more people entering the sports scene, the job market has become oversaturated
and competitive. You might worry your application can’t stand out among the thousands of other
resumes, and you’re not completely wrong.

According to Zety, corporate job openings receive 250 resumes on average. Guess how many of
those applicants get interviewed? 4-6. You have a two percent shot at just getting interviewed .
And if the employer only plans on hiring one candidate, you have a 0.4% chance at getting the

To put this into perspective, Harvard’s acceptance rate rests at 5.2%.
You have to make sure your application stands out. Seeking help from a professional resume
writer will optimize your chances at being the one in 250 to receive a job offer.

You have to save money

Every day you spend searching for a job is another day without income. And if you lack
experience and struggle to even land interviews, you will keep wasting more time and money.
You might think spending money to get a job contradicts the point of finding a new career. After
all, you’re trying to make money and not spend it. However, paying a professional resume writer
to polish and refine your resume will not only help you save time, but a significant amount of
money in the long-run.

Think about it this way: would you rather spend $100 and receive a job offer in three weeks or
spend nothing and waste five months? The choice is clear: collaborating with a resume writer
will save you money.

You want to finally land your dream job

Like many job hunters, you probably have one sports company you would love to work at. You’ve used
their products for years, love their Instagram page, and know everything about them. Wouldn’t it
be great to just skip ahead to the interview portion so the employer can see how passionate you
are about their business?

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality we live in and your resume will either open or close the door
to your dream job.

If you’re serious about where you want to work, you need to pay attention to how you present
yourself on your resume. Professional resume services will guarantee you have the best chance at
landing an interview, where you’ll be able to express your love for the company to the recruiter
and, of course, get the job.

You want to impress your future employer

Whenever you do get hired (and with a resume writer, you most certainly will), your advisor will
often use your resume as an introduction to your colleagues. They might reference prior work
you’ve done in a team-wide email or praise you for successful projects.

Whatever the reason may be, wouldn’t it be great if your employer wanted to show off the
amazing candidate they hired? Ultimately, employees are a reflection of recruiters’ work. If they
hire someone with an exceptional resume, that demonstrates how great they are at their job.
By working with a professional, you will impress your employer and start your new job on the
right foot – which could even lead to accelerated promotions and moving up the corporate ladder.
Having established six reasons why you need a writer to create your resume, stop wasting time
and start researching professional resume services today!

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