Reasons for Hiking Popularity of Sports Betting Platforms


The online gaming industry has boomed in popularity for the past few years. Each day, it gets hundreds of new customers from around the world.  

For many reasons, online betting is better than traditional, offline betting. These are some reasons for the hiking popularity of sports betting platforms, like IPL 2020, in the twenty-first century: 

  1. Evolution of the internet 

This is the first reason for the rise of online gambling. Earlier in the century, there were slow data speeds and unreliable payment methods. This made people reluctant to gamble online. However, as the internet grew to be faster, and safety protocols for online payment systems came into existence, more people started trying online betting websites.  

  1. Popularity of sports 

National sports in India, especially cricket, have always been popular among the general masses. Over the years, other sports like hockey, football, tennis, shooting, wrestling, and boxing have also gained popularity. The immense love for sports among the people is probably the biggest reason for the popularity of sports betting platforms. 

  1. Accessibility 

One prominent reason for this popularity is the accessibility of online casino platforms. Unlimited fun and gambling are just a few clicks away from your mobile device, laptop, PC, or tablet. Now people don’t have to travel to reach their casinos, and they can earn money right from the coziness of their room.  

  1. Easy verification 

There was a time when it was extremely confusing to figure out if a casino is genuine or not. This led to the rise of thousands of fraudulent online betting platforms. However, in today’s time, the process of government authorization has made verification of an online casino super easy for the visitors. You just have to find out if your casino is licensed by a relevant authority or not.  

  1. Anonymity 

There are some cultures where gambling is considered an ill-practice and is frowned upon. The website version of casinos and sports betting allows the users to remain anonymous while gambling on their favorite sports. All the earnings directly get transferred to the player’s account, and nobody ever gets to know that he/she was betting.  

  1. Amazing bonuses 

Online betting platforms have thousands of potential competitors. To attract their customers, these platforms offer lucrative benefits in the form of welcome bonuses. And who doesn’t love freebies and easy money? Such rewards do not exist for offline betting.  

  1. Lower costs  

Online sports betting is far cheaper than gambling in casinos, especially when you consider the traveling cost. In online sports betting, you can start gambling from the convenience of your home and win big. On top of that, you can also get loads of bonuses, discounts, and other offers.  

  1. Diverse variety 

There is a limit to the variety of games that a land casino can offer. On the other hand, online gaming sites provide a plethora of options for players to choose from. You can bet on sports like football or cricket, that are popular in your country or choose to bet on sports that you’ve not even heard of.  


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