Punting on betting exchanges


Punting is very popular in sports. It is the action of placing a stake on the outcome of a sports game. The internet has made punting easy and convenient for most bettors who can now bet from wherever they are. You can bet on your favorite game/ team while at work, school, church, hospital or at home.

This is significant progress as compared to the old days, when people had to go to the premises of a bookmaker and place their wagers there. Many betting exchange sites make punting easy for sports lovers. These betting exchanges are the modern age bookmakers. When you place a bet, you do so through a betting exchange. When you win the bet, the betting exchange is responsible for making sure you receive your money.

What are the benefits of punting on betting exchanges?


Sports punting offer great excitement to sports lovers. Live games are great to watch and they get more fascinating when there is money involved. When your team wins or comes close to winning, the prospect of the reward awaiting you is enough to make you feel thrilled.

Opportunity to make money

The great thing about punting is the chance you stand to make money. Depending on the amount of money you bet with, you will make more money by the end of the day if you win. If you are a smart bettor, you can learn to predict outcomes and with time, become a professional bettor. This will require you to be patient, consistent, and levelheaded; do not become emotional during betting. Always bet with money that you are willing to lose. In case you do lose, you will not undergo any financial difficulties. This is another way of becoming a professional punter. When your betting patterns become stable and profitable, you may decide to focus on betting as a full time job.

Cheap fun

Compared to golfing or bowling betting is a cheaper form of paying for entertainment. When you win a bet, the money you used becomes even more worth it. The fun increases when you keep picking the correct odds. You feel so sure and confident in yourself in a way you have never felt before.


You may have several hobbies but you cannot do them every day. Some may be too involving, tiresome, or expensive. You probably have things like work or school to attend. In punting, you can do it at any time and stand to make money from wherever you are. It is affordable, quick and will not take more than 15 minutes from your time.

A great thing with betting exchanges is that they have no time limit. You can punt at any time 24/7 unlike bowling or golfing, which has time limits.

Easy to start

Sports betting is incredibly easy to start. Many betting exchanges have apps that allow people to bet directly through their smart forms. All you need to get started is $5 and more to bet at your convenience. Other hobbies will require you to have certain skills, equipment, follow rules, and avail yourself at specific times in order to perform them.

There are plenty of sports betting exchange sites as well as apps. You do not have to walk several blocks to find a casino in order to have your fun. You can start wherever you are.

Risks of punting

Although betting has its rewards, let us not turn a blind eye on its negative side. Here are some of the risks associated with betting:

  • Loss of money

Let us face the facts. Life does not always give you what you want. The same applies to punting. Sometimes you make wrong predictions and end up losing your money. In fact, the number of bettors who lose is higher than those who win.

  • Negative emotions

When your betting goes sideways, you will definitely not be in a celebrative mood. You will feel discouraged and disappointed. Be ready to handle any negative mood that you may feel in case you lose the bet.

  • Addiction

Fast money has always been addictive. Most people think that fast money is only associated with drugs or illegal activities. Any money that comes too easily to you even if it is in the form of betting is fast money. If you are not careful, you may end up using all the money in your savings to bet.

Before you visit a betting exchange site, there are certain things you need to find out about yourself.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have an addictive personality?

If the answer is yes, all the other questions are irrelevant. Forget about visiting that betting exchange site. This is not for you.

If you answered no, then check out the next questions.

Can you afford to lose money?

If your answer is no, then forget about punting. Do not put any money at risk.

If you can manage to spare some money, then betting is safe for you.

Are you okay with taking risks?

Betting is a risky game and betting exchanges earn profits from your losses. So if you are still willing to take the risk, then go ahead.

Do you like sports?

This is important because it will help you make better predictions because you understand the game.


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