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robot ping pong

Are you feeling exhausted after playing continuously with your fellow partners in your sports? Then just erase off those feelings with the brand new Ping Pong Robot. This enormous robot will change your sports lifestyle.

On our day-to-day life we may not find time to play with our sport team or we can’t match up with their time. Hence our sports skill might be affected. Therefore we need some special training which should not affect our regular schedule.

New era of Sports

This is a robot that can widely expand your sport skills with its various achievements. It can ameliorate your performance step-by-step with its performance. As a whole it is your personal sports trainer.

How does it function?

This robot is based upon the hybrid electro-mechanical system. The mechanism is based on two wheel spinning in opposite direction with different speed as adjusted. The IC chip that is connected to the robot, will give the signal to the mini air compressor as per the initial prescribed velocity. Therefore this robot can function at various speed and velocity.

Different breeds of robot

There are mainly three different categories in this robot, namely

Single or Dual Wheel Robot

Fixed or Free Standing Robots

Programmable or Non Programmable Robots

robot ping pong

Single or Dual Wheel Robot

Based upon the wheel of the robot.These robots are classified as single headed robot and dual headed robot.

In the single headed robot, there will be only one side where the ball will be flow from the nozzle of the robot.

This provides less efficiency and speed for the robot than dual wheel robot. Whereas the Dual wheel robot has more efficiency as it has two-sided flow from the nozzle of the robot.

The cost of Dual wheel robot is expensive than that of Single wheel robot.

Fixed or Free Standing Robot

If you want the robot to be fixed in one place, fixed standing robots can be very helpful.

Once if we play with a real time player, we need to move quickly from one place to another place. This helps the player to have good movement in the game. Fixed standing robot provides that stability.

Artificial training equipment helps to attain the speed and efficiency.

The artificial intelligence chip that is embedded inside the processor of the robot helps to create a good experience in playing.

The cost of Free standing robot is more portable and less efficient than Fixed Standing robot.

Programmable or Non Programmable Robots

I know most of you want more features out of your robot. You want to change the speed, spin and location to get more out of the robot.

These can be done through a programmable robot.

You can change the speed in which it shoots, you can change the spin and the direction in which it shoots.

They are other features that make programmable robot preferable.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, the rate increase with more features.

The non-programmable robots are really affordable and yet doesn’t meet all your requirement.

The cost price and efficiency is more for Programmable robots when compared with that of Non Programmable robots.

Factors to be examine

As all the electronic devices performs with power supply this robot will also consume some voltages. So it is necessary to have a nearby power supply of 220V before buying this product.

The cost of the robot is the first thing to be considered, based upon the expectation of the buyer.

If you don’t want to buy a new robot often, then check the average life-time period of the robot.

When you buy this product expensively, check for its additional attachments like nets, balls, etc.

Advantages of using Ping pong robot

The main reason for purchasing this products are mentioned below based on buyer’s review,

To improve the sports skills and for learning new techniques in the sports.

Maintain their regular training time without changing their busy schedule.

To develop their bating style.

For Learning leading players techniques and skills.

It also improves the confidence level of the player.

Playing the game without others help.

Continuing the game single-handedly.

Master Your Game Now:

The new era of technology has changed the way we play. It has changed the tradition and gave a new path for breaking the limitations. If you want to strive your excellence, you will need more training.

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Bring home the ping pong robot to break your limitations and change the way you play. Go beyond and master your game. Let the robot help you in training and change the way you play. Invoke the technology and change the method of play. Learn more than you do normally.

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