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It seems like Chris Lynn will be missing Australia’s T20 Squad and former cricket giants have not hesitated to get at him after the vent of frustration. Lynn seemed greatly annoyed with the fact not being included in the top squad was not even delivered to him through a phone call.

Lynn claims that it is not being dropped per se that frustrates him, but the lack of communication towards him. As said to AAP at Kayo’s summer of cricket launch, Lynn revealed that this had not been the first instance of poor communication. In fact, it had been the case for a number of years in Australian cricket.

Lynn even goes as far as to suggest that ‘’blokes’’ have, quite literally, found out online that they are not making it in the squad. He insists that picking up the phone and making a phone call is not an alarmingly complicated thing to do, and appropriate departments should consider doing their jobs properly.

However, Cricket Australia’s policy does not seem to comply with Lynn’s complaints since it is clearly spelled out that players are contacted only if they are dropped from a side after being part of the previous squad. This did not seem to sit well with Lynn since he had missed the last series in India during March.

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At Fox Cricket’s Launch, Waugh impatiently implied that hitting up every player in Australia seems like a foolish thing to do. He went on to add that Lynn had not been in the last Australian T20 team. Had he been involved, he would have gotten a call but since that was not the case, nobody felt the need to ring him, which in all due frankness, seems like a pretty candid explanation of the case scenario.

Numerous ex-players and cricket stars have rubbished Lynn’s complaints and at this point, everybody is against him, but perhaps rightfully so. One-day World Cup winner Hogg suggested that Lynn does not at all need a phone call from selectors if Australian coach Justin Langer has already made it very clear with him why he was not selected in the World Cup this year and how challenging it would be for him to get picked in the Australian team, due to the comebacks of Warner and Smith. Hogg went on to add that Lynn is not even putting back into domestic cricket, has not signed a contract for Queensland to play in their white-ball format and goes away playing all the T20 tournaments.

Upon receiving such harsh criticism from his counterparts, the public ratings and online feedback are volatile as well. And this as already been reflected at the odds supplied by the top Australian betting sites that offer a variety of opportunities for those thirsting over cricket to get involved and stay updated. The completion of the T20 squad is very likely to remain a debatable topic so it would only make sense to get all the necessary information as effectively as possible. Although what seems certain is that no one is having Lynn’s back and there is almost zero chance for him to somehow join the squad. Ian Chappell, Ex-Australian captain has gone full blast on Lynn’s complaints demanding a phone call. He did not fear to declare that it is obvious that Lynn should not be in the team and his reasoning is both harsh and sensible. Chappell drew parallels to other sports and concluded that cricket is not an exception of some sort. If you are not doing the required job properly, you are not making it in the team, he said.

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