Lottery Jackpot: The Biggest Winners and Losers


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Many of us dreamed of winning the lottery at one point or another. But hitting the jackpot is as rare as lightning striking twice, although not that impossible. For some lucky individuals, that dream has turned into reality. But just what kind of winners are they?

To help you see the bright and the dark side of winning the lottery, created an infographic that tells the story of past lotto winners and where they are now. It is an insightful look into how luck comes and goes, and how some held on to their good fortune with sheer will and intelligence.

The Winners

Nigel Willetts defied superstition when he won £1 million on the Euro Lottery draw after spending £20 on lottery tickets on Friday the 13th.

Gloria Mackenzie, a former teacher who lived in a rundown apartment in a retirement community in Florida, struck it big when she won a mind-blowing $590.2 million in the US Mega Millions jackpot.

After purchasing a home in a golf-centered gated community and donating a substantial amount to her old school in East Millinocket, Mackenzie chose to resume her reclusive lifestyle and retreated from the public’s eye.

Married couple John and Lisa Robinson won a staggering $327.8 million in 2016. They splurged on a $6.2 million 10-bedroom mansion sitting on a 320-acre lot, complete with a private lake and the best views of Tennessee.

The Losers

Craigory Burch was 20 years old when he won the Fantasy 5 Jackpot of $400,000 in 2015. But only two months later, the young man was shot dead in his home. Seven people were charged in what the police called a “targeted killing.”

Twenty-five-year-old Amanda Clayton had all the luck when she won a Michigan lottery jackpot of $735,000. However, this did not stop her from collecting food stamps and public health insurance. She was arrested and charged with fraud. Clayton was later found dead from an alleged drug overdose.

Arthur Neal, Jr. was an 86-year-old grandfather who won $20,000 in the lottery but did not live to tell the tale. He was found murdered in the basement of a Detroit home in 2015. His murderer was 20-year-old Quanzell Hood who pleaded guilty and sentenced to 25-50 years in prison.

These lottery winners are just some of the people whose stories can inspire and horrify. Check out the infographic below to get to know more lottery winners and their fate after acquiring their fortunes.

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