Introducing the Football Betting Platform at V9bet Bookmaker


Football is a sport that is no longer strange to any player. At betting sites, this subject always leads in terms of players watching and placing bets. At the bookmaker, football is organized to bet with many different forms, the handicaps are also diverse. Depending on the bet amount and handicap, the player will receive the corresponding bonus.

Placing bets does not make it difficult for players, but choosing a safe and reputable bookmaker to bet on is a big problem. With a large number of betting websites appearing today, players should be careful in choosing. V9bet bookmaker can be said to be a safe and very reasonable choice. Here players can bet on any match they like, the staff works around day and night, giving players a variety of choices.

In addition to betting on football, the V9bet bookmaker also provides a football message board. Players can follow to consolidate knowledge, make decisions according to personal choices. The V9bet bookmaker ensures that the system offers good quality products, a much higher bonus rate than other bookmakers. Players can follow the article below, then try the experience to give the most authentic rating for V9bet.

Special Features Available at V9bet Football Betting Platform

V9bet bookmaker appeared on the market in 2012, possessing quite a lot of experience in organizing and providing betting products. V9bet’s football betting platform is really quality, with many bets and attractive payout rates. Players coming to V9bet can both place bets and watch the football match live. The handicap table is updated quickly and accurately, players can adjust their bets promptly at the bookmaker. The transmission line at V9bet is good, quality, sharp, and does not affect the member’s participation process.

V9bet owns an extremely eye-catching interface, smartly arranged categories, new players can still easily manipulate. In particular, the bookmaker also meets players’ bets with the application. Betting on football has never been so easy at V9bet. Players can follow and participate by mobile or computer, depending on personal preference. Note that the device must have a stable internet connection, so the new fun takes place as fully as possible.

V9bet’s football scoreboard is updated every day. The scores are based on random situations in the match. Players are free to place bets during the game, before the game or on matches taking place in the near future.

V9bet does not distinguish small matches or large matches. As long as players like it, and have a need to bet, the system will provide it fully. In addition to women’s football matches, domestic friendly matches, V9bet also provides football on an international scale such as English Premier League, Champion League, Euro, Serie A, La Liga,…

If players bet at the system and encounter any problems, just contact the customer service staff, they will immediately be supported. The bookmaker’s service department works day and night, professionally and efficiently, without affecting the fun of the players.

Instruction Playing Football Betting at V9bet

Step 1:  The Players access the homepage of the V9bet bookmaker with a reputable link.

If the player does not have an account, please click on the “Register”  on the homepage. Then complete the registration form and agree to the betting terms and conditions. Finally confirm the successful registration process.

Step 2: At the home page of the bookmaker, the player chooses “Sports”

Immediately the interface appears a series of sports: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, handball, … Players choose “Football”

Step 3: Place a Bet

Players choose the match as they like => choose the bet => handicaps => bet. Immediately after that, the system displays a bet slip, above with full information about the date and time of the bet, the type of bet, handicap, the amount and the bonus that the player receives when winning.

How To Bet Some Basic Handicaps At V9bet

-¼ Handicap

The football betting community is often referred to as the half score. With this type of bet, the upper team will accept the lower team to win half of the bet. For example: A player bets on the team on the upper.

+The player wins if the final result, the upper team wins.

+ If the result is a draw, the player loses half of the money.

+ If the upper team loses the match, the player loses all the bets.

-¾ Handicap

This type of rafter is also known by other names such as 0.75 handicap or 0.5/1 handicap. In this bet, the upper team will accept the lower team 0.75 goals. When players bet on the upper team, if they want to win, the match result must be won by the upper team and the difference of 2 goals or more.

-Over/ Under Handicap

This type of bet is based on the total number of goals offered by the bookmaker. Players do not need to care about the result of winning or losing of the two teams, just bet as follows:

+Over: If the player predicts the total of the match’s goals to be greater than the bookmaker’s score.

+Under: If the player predicts the total number of goals in the match to be less than the bookmaker’s score.

+The result will be a draw if the total number of match goals and the bookmaker prediction are equal.

Over and under bets can set the total goal of the whole match, or the total number of cards, the total number of corners, … At V9bet, players have a lot of options when betting on over and under.

-Europe Handicap

The European handicap is also known as 1×2 Handicap. Compared to other types of handicap, European Handicap are very simple, players only need to choose one of the 3 doors below and place a bet, then wait for the results to pay:

+Team A wins

+Team B wins

+The two teams draw.


V9bet is a famous and reputable betting system, one of the top bookmakers to join in the Asian market. Above is the basic information about the bookmaker’s football betting platform. Hopefully, through this article, players will understand more about the bookmaker, how to bet and how to read the handicaps at V9bet. Players can participate depending on their personal needs, there are two interfaces, computer and mobile for players to choose from. V9bet also has a lot of other information about football, updated every day on the homepage. For more information, please update the V9bet homepage.


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