How to Make Money if you Love Watching Sports


We all have passions. It’s what makes us tick after a stressful day at work. 

But, the people who seem to have won in life are the ones who make money from what they love. It turns out you can make money from the things you love too. We all can, as long as we put in the work.

And, as a sports fan, I thought I’ll explore the topic of making money as one.

So, the question that we’ll answer in this article is “Can you make money as a sports fan?”. The short answer is definitely yes. Yes, you can, but how?

That’s exactly what we’ll answer in the rows below, so keep reading!

Start collecting and reselling sports memorabilia clothing that increases in value with time

Do you have sports memorabilia at home? I, for example, love collecting Chicago Cubs shirts. While I can’t say my collection is vast, I think I have some pretty cool shirts in it.

Some people, however, have shirts worth tens of thousands. For example, gear that was worn during an important game.

And the great thing about sports memorabilia is that you can collect anything connected to a particular sport. As long as it increases in value and you can sell it on eBay you can make money.

With this said, you’ll also need a thorough understanding of the sport, history, and even interest of other sports fans to invest in the right things.

A sports blog can be a doorway to a new career if you manage to grow it

But if buying and reselling isn’t exactly your thing, starting a sports blog can be a great way to start making money from your hobby, and even make a career change if you can grow it.

See, blogs in 2021 are as alive as they ever were. Furthermore, starting a blog that gets noticed by the right communities can help you become a voice that influences other fans.

In other words, having a side hustle like running a blog can turn into multiple brand deals and even endorsements from you.

If you think writing and blogging is your thing, our advice is to focus on on-site SEO and polishing your writing skills. This way, you’ll cut through the noise, but you’ll also have the upper hand with organic traffic to your blog.

Sports photography pays really well as long as your photos look great

If digital marketing and blogging are a bit too much to undertake right now, maybe photography is the right thing for you.

Sports photography is always something people are looking for, mainly because capturing the right moments the proper way can result in some major publications purchasing your work.

Given it’s much easier said than done, you will have to practice quite a bit before you start seeing interest in your work.

Our advice is to get yourself a mid-range camera and purchase a photo editing course, which will teach you the basics.

Fantasy sports have lucrative prize pools for the major leagues

Of course, I couldn’t make this list without adding fantasy football or baseball.

Do you realize how huge of a following fantasy sports have? They’re something like real-life sports of a kind.

Fantasy sports are big enough to attract investors, advertisers, and sponsors to provide lucrative prize pools for winners of the more major fantasy leagues.

However, we advise you to do your own research as fantasy leagues and fantasy sports vary from country to country.

If betting is your thing, you can try that as well

Finally, I don’t endorse something, but couldn’t just skip, mainly because it’s the elephant in the room. Betting is a real way that you can make money as a sports fan.

The downside though is that you can even lose money. A lot of money. And if you’re someone who likes gambling, you can get hooked on sports betting, which is exactly why I’m not a massive fan of it. If you’re going to do it, my advice is to make sure you have clear boundaries that you would never cross.

Final words

We all have a sport that we’re a sucker for. Whether it’s baseball, football, soccer, hokey—it doesn’t matter.

It’s wonderful when you start making money off it, but it also demands serious attention if you want to start making real cash out of it. Focus on what you’re good at and do that. Indeed, with time and a lot of sweat put into it, you should start making money off of it.


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