How To Bet Anytime Goalscorer at W88 Extremely Detailed


Anytime goalscorer bet is one of the most popular bets at the prestigious W88 bookies; because the payout ratio of this bet is much higher than other types of bets. If you are new to the game then read the following anytime goalscorer betting guide to be able to start placing bets.

What is the anytime goalscorer bet on W88?

Betting on an anytime goalscorer is a popular form of betting today at online bookmakers, including W88. At this point, the player will predict and bet on which player will score in a football match at a certain time.

Because it is a very risky form of betting, the Anytime Goalscorer betting in a match will give the winner a huge bonus thanks to the high payout ratio.

Currently, when playing the scorer bet at W88 online betting you can have 3 different bet options including: first goalscorer, last goalscorer and in-match goalscorer.

How to choose a player to bet on W88 Anytime goalscorer?

It’s pretty simple: search for players who are in prolific form in recent matches. If a player has scored in two or three games during a row, then they become a solid choice for your bet as they’re confident and appear likely to attain again. 

It also is sensible to ascertain at the highest scorer rankings for individual tournaments and see who’s at the highest – or in and round the golden boot – to see who has scored the foremost goals of the season.

In the end, it is often worth expecting a big-name player to play against a team with a poor defense. For instance, if Sergio Aguero goes to face Norwich or West Ham United, he’s likely to attain goals thanks to poor defense, so adding someone of an equivalent level to your anytime goalscorer prediction. Then you’ll make an excellent decision.

How to Bet on Anytime Goalscorer on W88 Live Betting

As you know, in a match, two teams will play with a lineup of 11 official players for each team. In addition, outside the field there are other substitutes. Of course, every player on the field will have a great chance to be the goal scorer in the game.

At this time, the W88 house will give players a full choice of players that are officially registered in the match for you to bet. W88 online betting from the official representative will list the strikers capable of scoring at any time in the match and along with that gives the odds.

Your task is to predict which player will score in this match and at what time period. Time is counted from the time the football match has just started.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Experience from W88 experts

Anytime goalscorer bet is a very high payout bet in the field of football betting because the chances of accurate prediction are not high. To be able to win a bet, in addition to having a good understanding of the matches and players, you must definitely look at the odds carefully.

If a player is having a great scoring performance, in high form, bet immediately on that player. For example Lewandowski, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Erling Haaland etc. On the contrary, if you are a player who is not in high form, and has a series of consecutive defeats, you should absolutely not bet on them.

In addition, you should manage your bets effectively. Don’t let the mentality rush, but rush to spend all your money to bet. This brings a very high risk to you.

Usually the main players, the leading strikers of the team will have many opportunities to score the opening goal, so you should observe the early game to bet Anytime Goalscorer on these players.

Besides, the players tasked with taking free kicks or penalties are also among the names with high scoring ability. Penalty often appears at the end of the second half because at this time the players are looking to score quickly, so they are easy to make mistakes.

Conclusion on Anytime Goalscorer Betting on W88

After this well-delivered information on anytime goalscorer betting from W88 experts, you may now choose a match to analyze and based on these experiences to decide and make a bet on anytime goalscorer to win more money. Of course it’s hard for you to win at the first try, but don’t worry, you will soon become a professional bettor.

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