Five Summer Upgrades for your Golf Bag from TGW (Free Coupon Inside)


By Joseph Connolly

Summer is a season for many sports and fun activities. It is a time to go for long nature walks, camp, play tennis or invite everyone home for a garden party. Above all, it is time to pick your golf clubs and swing away all day with a bunch of your friends or just two of you. However, no golf game would be complete without the perfect golf bag. Thankfully, there is the free shipping TGW coupon which you can use to cut down on the overall costs of owning such a bag. As if that is not enough, the company has come up with amazing upgrades on their bags designed to make your summertime something to remember.

Multiple Top Dividers

The days you used to put everything into one pocket are long gone. Give a loud of applause to top dividers that come with TGW’s new design. You will no longer have to keep your golf apparel so jumbled up that you have to shake everything out to get to a single item. With the new design, you can separate golf balls, gloves, and everything you need during the game.  

Numerous Pockets

Apart from the dividers in which you can put your golf equipment, you have a number of pouches where you can keep beverages and valuables. This means that you don’t have to carry your bottle of water in your hands. You can afford full concentration for the game. In addition, you eliminate the chances of losing your valuables somewhere in the golf course. In other words, you can confidently talk about a carefree game.


When someone tells you about a bag that can hold a number of items, it is natural to assume that you will have to deal with the heavyweight. Fortunately, the TGW bag as recommended in Golfballs is light enough to allow ease of movement and utmost comfort when moving it around. It is made of lightweight but sturdy material that also ensures longevity. The top and bottom of the bag, for example, are made of high-quality plastic designed to ensure durability. Put in another way, here is a bag that is superb in its functions and can weather many storms.

Double Straps

The TGW golf bags come with double straps that guarantee top comfort and ease of movement when walking around the golf course. They are especially suitable for people who are vulnerable to back problems.  Remember that they are designed for equal distribution of weight on the back. Thus, they help to make the light bag even lighter. Furthermore, there is a top lift that greatly helps in ease of maneuvering.

Foldable Stands

In the past, you had to lay your bag on the ground when playing golf. This not only dirtied the bag but also made it a bit difficult to lift and move as fast as the player wanted. However, the innovation of TGW has helped in coming up with a marvelous solution: foldable legs fitted onto the bag to make sure that it stays in an upright position even when on the ground.

Final Thoughts

Winning a golf game largely depends on the skills and experience of the player. Having the best bag, however, have a great influence on how victorious you will be as well as how much you enjoy playing golf.  For example, a bag that will bring a strain on your back will not exactly help you to give your best. Nor would having to search for your gloves or golf balls enable you to save precious time. According to many golf enthusiasts, TGW‘s upgraded golf bags are the best bet for golfers who prefer walking around when playing. They are designed in such a way that comfort, fun and professionalism are taken care of in every way

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