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In Fun88 betting you will inevitably come across a lot of terms, but not always you can fully understand them. So today in this article Fn88pro is going to explain to you one more bet that is quite popular and chosen by many players, which is Trixie bet. To better understand this bet type, please follow the article below.

Trixie bet explanation:

A Trixie bet at the Fun88 casino is a bet on 3 options to participate in different events and covers the following: 3 doubles and 1 treble. Minimum 2 options must be won to make a profit.

The Trixie bet is a precursor to the very famous Patent bet before, the Patent is also a full wager constructed from three selections, but there is a difference between the two. While Patent bets are based on three single bets from your selection, Trixie counts solely on the multiples you bet. A Trixie is a Full Cover bet that does not include single bets.

Therefore, this is something you need to consider before placing a bet based on your own capital. With Trixie, you are basically placing yourself an extra stake instead of just betting on three consecutive single bets like Patent, which means your profit will be higher if you win.

While you don’t have a single bet on your Trixie, keep in mind it includes three Doubles and one Treble Bet. To win Trixie bets, you need to win a minimum of two selections from your three selections.

For example, let’s say you want to place a bet on Trixie on a soccer match at Fun88.. And in that bet there are the following options:

  • Manchester United will win against Cardiff City at 2/1
  • Newcastle United will win Liverpool 3/1
  • Leicester City will win against West Ham United at 4/1

Under the terms of the Trixie bet, four bets are made from these three selections: two of them for a double and one for a treble. For example:

  • A Double 1 bet states that Manchester United and Newcastle United will win
  • A double bet of 2 states that Newcastle United and Leicester City will win
  • A double bet of 3 states that Manchester United and Leicester City will win
  • The treble bet states that all three selected teams will win.

How to understand and win a Trixie bet?

You need to have a good understanding of what Trixie bets are, as there are a variety of bets that can expand your betting options while also giving you more profits. The best thing about Trixie bets is that they offer very high profit potential with relatively low stakes. Let’s look at a simple Trixie bet example below.

Imagine all three of your options win, then you would be making at least $ 100 from your $ 1 bet. You are not wagering a single amount here, so your winnings will be calculated on three winning Doubles and one Treble Bet, all at 3/1 per bet. So you will have a chance to make a big profit on your small bet.

It is important to remember that your stake will be multiplied four times when placing the Trixie bet. This means that if you wagered Trixie $ 1 as above, then your actual stake would be $ 4. So, consider how much potential profit you will make. Again, multiplying is what makes this bet particularly attractive, but of course, there are risks to it if you lose your bet. However, if you lose, you can still make $ 12 based on the $ 4 you bet.

Why a Trixie bet?

Because it allows you to triple your stake and bring in extremely high profits. The cool thing here is that you only need to win 2 of your 3 options to win the bet. Of course, it would be better if all three of your options win – in that case, you are likely to make multiple profits. You can also bet quite low for safety, but once you are determined to make a big bet, of course the money you will make will also be large.


Hope the article of Fn88pro has helped you better understand Trixie bet and understand why it is popular and popular with many people. Wish you success and win a lot of money from this bet. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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