Developing a Business around Your Passion for Fitness



By Eamon Cunningham

The fitness industry is a billion-dollar space. If you take a look at any major social media app, health and fitness are trending niches that many people have built businesses around. If you’d like to use your love of fitness to develop a manageable business, there are quite a few factors you’ll want to consider as you move forward. 

Incorporate Passive Streams of Income
Passive streams of income are incredibly important when you’re a business owner for many reasons. When you’re building a business, it’s best to create as many revenue streams as possible. Money is a tool. When you use it correctly, it’ll help you to build, hire new employees and gain access to better resources. If you ever decide to start a website and develop a blog, create amazing content that’s embedded with various affiliate links.

As long as that website is live and those blog posts are circulating, you increase your chances of making money from the affiliate codes. If you’ve written a book, publish and share it with digital book retailers. As your book gets reviewed and gains more visibility, it can become its own passive income stream. The less time and energy you have to use, the better off you’ll be. Instead of working harder, work smarter.

Find Ways to Outsource Different Parts of the Process
When you’re in charge of your own business, it’s very tempting to handle all of the tasks yourself. This is the perfect way to burn yourself out. From the time you decide to start a business, find ways to incorporate the assistance of others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either.

Consider hiring a part-time intern who handles your social media content from a virtual location. As your emails pile up and you have more busy work to manage, hire a virtual assistant who can build systems and handle the dirty work.

If you’d like to design an amazing t-shirt with a unique design, know that you don’t have to do it all yourself. Hire a graphic designer to develop the design. Get it printed out by a t-shirt manufacturer. Create a dropshipping ecommerce business that allows you to sell products without touching any part of the physical process. When you do this, you’ll be able to operate your business from anywhere in the world. When you do this, you’ll get back the freedom of your time. Time is a priceless gift.

Be the Change You’d Like to See
If you’ve decided to get into the business of fitness, understand that people will be looking at you. They’ll be looking at you for proof that whatever you’re selling works. If you’re promising people that they’ll be able to lose weight quickly with a specific workout, show your journey.

Show your customers how the product or service worked for you. If it didn’t work for you, it’s going to be difficult to prove to others that it’ll work for them. You are a walking, breathing billboard for your company. If you’re selling an item like yoga fitness bands, show users how to use them. Use video marketing and social media content to prove to customers that they’d want to buy the product.

Even if you choose to do a small challenge with the product, the numbers won’t lie. People can’t deny the results. Because there are so many scams on the internet and in the business world, it makes sense why so many people are skeptical of online entrepreneurs and their merchandise. In addition to showing your own results, find ways to share the successes of those who you’ve worked with. Always get their permission before you share their journeys.

Social Validation is Essential 
It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or offline, one of the strongest marketing tactics involves the classic testimonial. Sites that give room for others to share their experiences tend to thrive. This is mainly because people can see whether or not the product worked for others. When you’re building your company, always pay attention to the reviews people give.

Repost the positive reviews. Learn from the negative reviews. There’s always something you can improve on within your business. It doesn’t matter how successful you become. The process can always be streamlined. As your customers purchase your products, make sure they receive a note within the receipt that encourages them to leave an online review. You can incentivize it by offering 10% off of their next purchase.

As people leave positive reviews, make sure that a representative from your company is acknowledging the comment by responding. Your representative can leave a simple note expressing thanks and gratitude for the kind review. If someone had a negative experience, this isn’t something to ignore. Find a way to apologize for any misunderstandings and work to alleviate the negative emotions. This is an important step because it shows potential customers that you’re paying attention.

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