Cricket Lovers Are Making Money Hand Over Fist Betting On Small T10 Tournaments


Sports betting sites are going through a huge slowdown right now because they do not have any major sports to cover. This is not something that has happened in the lifetime of this generation and is a sobering experience for everyone involved.  

One of the things that sportsbooks do is to research the sports they are covering and offer competitive odds. However, the difficulty of covering some niche tournaments is making that pretty difficult and offering up some real betting opportunities to customers. 

For example, online betting sites in India get the bulk of their revenue from cricket. There is no sport that is more important to their existence than cricket. The only cricket being played right now is on two tiny islands: one in Vanuatu and the other in St Vincent and Grenadines. 

These tournaments are T10 in nature, which takes the unpredictability to a whole new level, and are comprised of local players. A lot of these players do not have any first-class records or anything else to be judged on. 

In fact, a lot of the teams playing these T10 tournaments are being formed for the very first time. 

There is nothing that a sportsbook can use as a reference and that makes it very difficult for them to offer odds. Some major sites like Betway have decided not to cover the Vanuatu tournament but other small sites do not have the luxury. 

They are offering odds even when they are heavily loaded in favor of their customers.  

Now, you must be wondering how customers can take advantage and find out what the teams to bet on are when the sportsbooks cannot do that themselves. This is where your focus and the ability to narrow down your search comes in. 

Sportsbooks are too large to spend so much time on just a small T10 tournament but you can go on cricket sites, go through the stats, read the boards, and make a fair assessment. You can also just go through the scorecards of previous matches or read the profiles of the teams on the tournament websites to get an idea as well. 

There are a number of players that are able to find out the gaps in the market and place their bets. The risk is still present because no cricket match is a sure thing but a lot of them are reporting massive payouts. A couple of matches are as near to a sure thing as you can get and that itself is a rarity in sports betting! 

There are real opportunities to make right now even though the tournaments may be pretty small themselves!    

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