Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business


Running or managing a business is not a piece of cake. A businessman needs to take a lot of factors and challenges into account before starting one. Electricity supply among those is a very concerning challenge as most of the operations of a business are run by electrical power.

Getting power from the electric company can sometimes leave you with a power outage for a day or more. So, a backup electricity supply, such as a generator, is an absolute necessity for every business firm.

The market is flooded with myriad varieties of generators with wide price ranges. With Kruger Power, you will get a lot of options in terms of features, prices, sizes, types, and brands. But if you are confused about which generator you want to go for, consider these factors.

1. Choose Your Fuel Type: Diesel/Petrol

There are two main types of generators, generators that run on diesel and generators that run on fuel. It is very important to decide which type you want to go with. If you are powering up a building with AC units, you will need a huge one that pumps out enough for the usual activities going. If you need a portable generator, there are great options to choose from on Best of Machinery.

Diesel generators are going to be a bit more costly than petrol types. Diesel generators will also come with higher maintenance costs, but they are also more fuel-efficient. So, even if you have to pay a bit more initially, choosing diesel generators over the petrol ones is a wise decision.

Petrol generators are the best kind to give you good service in emergency situations. Just keep in mind that diesel models have longer durability, and the functions of diesel engines are more efficient than petrol generators.

2. Your Preference – Stationary or Portable?

If your firm is small, then a portable generator would be quite handy. Portable ones are mainly used occasionally and for emergency purposes. They are also much more affordable than stationary ones. But if your business is big, then a small portable one will not be as useful; a stationary one will. Stationary generators last long and also need low-maintenance.

3. Get the Right One: The Size!

Size matters a lot when buying a large electrical device. You need to think about the space where you are going to locate a generator. You cannot just locate it inside the office or inside the basement.

It needs to be located outside where the carbon dioxide emission will not harm anyone. Once you decided on the location, you can decide the size of the generator accordingly.

4. Make Sure Your Generator is Up to Date

Buy a generator that has the latest features. You might be wasting your money if you buy an outdated model. So, do proper research on the different models before buying one.

5. Starting it Electrically or Manually?

Do consider the methods. There are mainly two types: Electric and manual. Electric push start can be a promising one to deal with. It will make the process easy, and these electric ones also work well during winter.

6. Included Items and Services

You should keep an eye on the warranty, accessories, and services that will come with the generator. Power cord, oil, funnel, wheels, transfer switch – these are a must-have.

7. Finding the Best Option

Check your usage. Think about how many times or how often will you be needing it to operate. You should calculate the power that will be required during an emergency or outage. That calculation may help you to choose the right generator with the right power output for your business.   

8. Noise Level

This is a crucial point while you are making your decision. You should store your generator outside in a place where the noise will not affect your work. Portable generators are usually the louder ones and the stationary ones make less sound while operating. If you are looking for generators that make less noise, you should buy a standby one.

9. What Voltage Do You Require?

The generator you will be buying needs to cooperate with the income utility voltage of your business. The voltage requirements of your office need to be on your mind while testing the features of a generator.

10. Preferred Fuel Type – Propane or Gas?

After visiting the store, you might be in a dilemma while choosing between gas or propane generators. To run large emergency power for your office, propane gas generators are a good pick.

It is pretty handy for occasional or emergency usage. But natural gas generators are eco-friendly and come at less of a cost. Remember, you have to refuel your generator after every usage if you go with propane.

So, that is a big hassle that you can avoid if you go with a gas generator.

11. Last, but Not Least: The Budget

If you do not have a good amount of budget saved up for buying a generator then start saving up as it is the most important factor. Varieties of generators with a huge range of prices can be found in the market. There is no doubt that a generator is an absolute necessity but you should invest money in the best one you can buy in your price range.

Final Thoughts

Whether your business is a large building or a small shop, to run your business seamlessly, a generator is a must-have. Everything we use (phones, computers, and machines to vacuum cleaners, fridges, and blenders) is dependent on electricity.

So, to save your business from downtime and other losses, buy a generator.       

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