Can You Gamble on Sports in the United Kingdom? Your Guide to Get You Started


Sports gambling is not anything new to the United Kingdom or the world. The oldest sportsbook began back in the 19th century. Within the sports gambling community, it’s changed of the centuries to include more than betting on fixed-odds.

Is betting on sports legal in the United Kingdom? Yes, it is.

Whether you’re going to a casino or online, you can legally bet on sports. However, it’s important to pay attention to the legality behind the place you’re betting. The UK Gambling Commission regulated stores and online betting for United Kingdom citizens. This allows for a safe and fair experience while gambling on a sporting event.

The gambling market for sports in the United Kingdom is quite vast. According to a report by the gambling commission, sports betting comes in first with 35 percent of the money spent on gambling, both in-person and online. Casinos follow up in second and the National Lottery in third.

As for sports betting, football takes the lead with roughly 47 percent of the money spent, followed by digital horse race with 27 percent.

Sports Betting Online

Online sports betting continues to grow in the United Kingdom. Especially in 2020, as the world continues to battle with the Covid-19 pandemic, you can see why more and more individuals would go the online route.

The latest statistics found that between 2013 to 2019, there were around 31 million active online accounts for gambling with a licensed operator in the United Kingdom. Those numbers increased from 24.08 million in 2013 to 31.57 million in 2019.

Just in Great Britain accounts, between 2014 to 2019, there were around 901 million pounds. That’s a lot of money coming and going within the online gambling world.

Staying Safe While Betting Online

One of the biggest concerns for online sports betting is the safety for the gambler. It’s a little different when you hand money over to an individual and can see bookkeepers in action. While online, you have to trust the website you’re on that they are legally handling your money, and you’ll receive your payout.

Since the United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates the online gambling world, you have less to worry about.

If you’re planning to bet online, whether it’s for sports or another avenue, you first need to find a legal website to do so. Many websites spend time reviewing hundreds of online casinos for you, like through SlotsUp. You can view 200+ casino sites reviewed by SlotsUp to decide which one to use.

Certain things you want to look for include the security encryption on the website, if they visibly show their licensing, which type of payment methods they accept, what their payout structure looks like, and if they have customer service support available. All of these points will help show the authenticity of the website and if it’s one worth your money.

Ready to dive into the online gambling world and place your bets on the next big sporting event? If you’re living in the United Kingdom, you can legally and safely do so. Find the best online casino for yourself, and have fun watching the next big game.

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