Athletes Who are Known to Use and Endorse the Use of CBD Products



In 2018, the United States finally has decided that CBD will then be seen as a legal compound. The manufacturing and purchasing of CBD products are now federally legal in the US. This is as long as the product doesn’t contain more than 0.3 percent of THC.

CBD or Cannabidiol is completely different than THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Both are found from the plant Cannabis and there are already studies that prove how both can be beneficial to humans. However, THC can give its users the feeling of getting high or euphoria. Meanwhile, CBD doesn’t give its users any of that.

CBD is mainly known as an anti-inflammatory and non-psychoactive compound. Even before its federal legalization, many are already turning to this compound as a homeopathic way to relieve themselves from stress, pain, and many other things.

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The legalization of CBD in the US just really made it more available to many. Different products are already made with this compound and people are actually loving it. CBD is now infused in food products like gummy bears, coffee, chocolate, and many more.

Even non-food products are also infused with CBD. One can now purchase make-up, lotion, and ointments infused with CBD. CBD users just now have a wider selection compared to before when they only mostly get to choose from CBD oil, capsules, and tinctures.

CBD actually has many benefits. Some use it to reduce anxiety and depression, to improve their sleep, avoid having seizures, improve heart health, reduce symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, and to soothe pain and inflammation.

Many found these benefits great because CBD, is still, after all, a natural way to combat different things. This is why it’s no surprise that even athletes are fond of using CBD products. In fact, there are athletes who are known to have been using this even before CBD products became properly legalized for consumption.

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Here’s a list of athletes who are known to be using CBD products:

David Wells

David Wells from the Yankees baseball team has been known to be using CBD since 2016. He’s talked about this in an interview back then. He is actually outspoken about the use of CBD since that same year. He uses this as a way to cope with pain.

Wells is such a believer of this product that he has invested in a company that produces CBD products called Greensticks. This company produces vape products that are infused with CBD and other plant-based medicines.

Mike Tyson

This former boxing champ is also all out when it comes to the use and endorsement of CBD. He even has his own farm called Cannabis Resorts. It’s a place where people can grow and smoke hemp. It’s located in California and is 40 acres big.

Tyson is actually focused on research about CBD medications as well. He’s reportedly working with doctors in the field of CTE research. They conduct studies that are more specific about the effects of CBD on athletes in the NFL and MMA.

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Derrick Morgan

Derrick Morgan is also an active NFL player who has been pushing for the use of CBD since 2016. in an interview, he said that he had to go through a process to understand its benefits. It was then when he became comfortable talking to the public about its use. What he mainly asked for during that time was for more research to happen because with that, he just knows that more people will believe in it.

Eugene Monroe

Monroe is also famous as a former NFL star who is known to be an advocate of CBD. In fact, he’s helped fund initial studies about CBD in 2016. He is also known as an active supporter of The Bright Lights Campaign. This campaign is about encouraging research and continued studies about the use and effects of CBD. They aim to let people know the positive impact it could give to society.

Chris Camozzi

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Camozzi is also known to use CBD and he has been very open about it. He first used this to recover from his torn MCL. Recovery for this usually took longer and he said that when it happened, he didn’t have much time before a bout was looming. He was also in camp when this happened.

He then took a product called Revivid Sport, which was a CBD oil. He said that his knee injury healed faster than it should have. Even his doctors were surprised about it. What’s even better is that he passed the USADA test despite its use. Since then, he continued the use of CBD.

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