A Beginner’s Guide To Golf Clubs



By Jason Verduzco

The game of golf is a relaxing, and fun sport for many. For beginners, it can be overwhelming as you get the basics down. As you become more versed in the rules of golf, you will realize that there are many options for golf clubs, as well as other equipment, and knowing which is best can be mind-boggling.

With an astounding amount of knowledge to learn about the game and all the equipment, here’s a breakdown of the clubs to help the beginning golfer. This list includes the best golf clubs for beginners: what the pros will tell you. These three club types are an excellent start to your golf club collection. We do suggest buying a few specifically sized clubs, rather than an entire set to begin with.



The greatest golf club in any golfer’s bag is the driver. A driver has the largest head, the lowest loft, and the longest shaft out of all the clubs in the bag.

Most golf clubs are designed to hit the golf ball off the ground, but not so with the driver. It’s designed to only be used with a tee. When using a driver off the tee, it allows for maximum club head speed and velocity, while still maintaining balance and control. Out of all the clubs in the golf bag, the driver was designed to go the farthest. This club can be difficult for beginners because of the combination of low loft and the long shaft, but stick with it and it will prove valuable. The driver is a beneficial, standard in every golfer’s bag.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods are designed to hit the ball off the turf on the fairway. They can be used off a tee but are optimized for the fairway. It was designed so that it will slide over the turf while not digging into the dirt, and without catching on the turf, or otherwise impeding your follow through. Fairway woods are characterized by the smaller head and a loft that is between 12 to 18 degrees. For the beginner, a loft of 17 degrees is highly suggested for ease of use.


Hybrid clubs are a fairly new club. It’ a combination of a long iron and a fairway wood. Hybrids have similarities to both. The manufacturers moved the center of gravity of this club, down the shaft causing the hybrid club to launch the ball up into the air. This made them a great option for tough lies and long distances. The original hybrid was difficult to control, however, with advances in design they are a better option for the beginner.

For the beginner, playing with the right set of clubs can make the game of golf. Take note that men and women have different needs on the greens and therefore their club set should differ as well. Men tend to have trouble with consistency, while women usually have trouble with distance. Choosing the appropriately sized clubs, from the above-listed suggestions will ensure that your start in golf will be successful.


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