6 Tips to saving money on utilities in 2019


Most American families can attest to the high amount of money that they spend on utilities. Electric bills can shoot up to $500 a month during the hot, summer season. Unfortunately, we cannot live without services such as water, gas, and electricity. As such, saving is our only alternative.

Getting modern and efficient appliances such as heaters could save most people a significant amount. However, the money you have to pay upfront makes it challenging to decide whether the investment is worth it in the long-term. The good news is that you can still save money on utilities if you follow the following six tips.

  1.   Energy-use Consultation

 Most utility companies offer this service for free. You may also find local volunteers who perform energy audits. Such organizations can run tests in your home and identify areas where you use the most energy. Some utility companies such as Pennywise Power, also provide several features to accommodate your budget. These companies allow you to choose a program that saves you money while satisfying your needs.

  1.   Seal off gaps

 You can look for inexpensive ways such as caulk, weather stripping, or heat-safe tape to seal off gaps that waste energy. In a typical house, windows, doors, and ducts contribute to air loss. The plumbing that leads outside your home and other un-insulated areas can also cause energy loss. If you do not know how to seal such areas, make sure you call an expert to help you.

  1.   Programmable Thermostat

 Consider looking for means to reduce your usage. A programmable thermostat is relatively cheap and easy to find. This appliance can effortlessly adjust the temperature settings during the day. As such, it allows you to use less power while you are asleep or away. Consider turning the thermostat fan to auto so that it can run only when your HVAC system is operating.

  1.   Change and Clean your Filters

 The HVAC or furnace filters often get clogged with dirt. Make sure you change them after every three months if they are disposable. If the filters are not disposable, clean them regularly. Additionally, check whether the dryer vent is filled with lint. Such simple tasks will keep your appliance operating efficiently, thus consuming energy at a standard rate.

  1.   Unplug your Appliance

 If you are among those who leave the TV on for the pets and never unplugs anything, consider changing your habit. Unplugging everything will significantly reduce your electricity bill. Plugged-in appliances draw what is called a phantom charge. Unplugging may seem like a lot of work, but you can simplify your work by adding an extension cord.

  1.   Turn Down your Water Heater

 If you have set the water heater at 140 degrees or above, consider lowering it to about 120 degrees. A dishwasher is probably the only thing that requires 140-degree water.

Make sure you pay your bills on time to avoid building debts that may become difficult to pay. Now that you know how to save on utility bills, it is time you practiced what you have learned.   

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