3 Useful Strategies For Successful Premier League Football Betting

After what can only be described as a very tumultuous year thus far, the 29th season of the Premier League finally kicked-off on 12 September 2020. After last season’s nail-biting final between Liverpool and Chelsea, punters are looking forward to yet another exhilarating series of matches. Although football betting can be both enjoying and financially lucrative, it does require a fair amount of insight and forethought. Thankfully, a few simple strategies will make it significantly easier to make the most of your football betting during the Premier League.

Stay disciplined
One of the most important rules of any form of gambling is to only ever bet what you can afford to lose. If you want to make money from football betting, you need to be extremely disciplined as far as your wagers are concerned. Many people who have experienced a bad run are inclined to start placing large bets in an attempt to compensate for their losses. Unfortunately, this is not a very wise strategy to employ, as it more often than not results in even bigger losses. Instead of trying to chase down your losses, remain disciplined, and recover what you have lost through a series of carefully-calculated, smaller bets.
Find a niche
If you want to enjoy a season of good football betting, consider finding a niche that you can specialize in. This can entail a variety of things, including placing your focus on a particular league, such as the Premier League, on a set of teams, or by finding expert betting alternatives to the traditional markets. One specific facet of the game that a gambler may choose to focus on is the corner count.  Punters can bet on total corners, range of corners, and multi corners. The advancement of corner betting occurred alongside the upsurge in the popularity of intricate football statistics. Other popular niches to consider this season, apart from corners, include red or yellow cards, as well as the more obvious goal difference.
Take a variety of circumstances into account
While finding a niche can be extremely beneficial, it is also important to take various circumstances into account as the season progresses. There are a variety of areas that are worthy of your attention. These include taking note of how both teams have fared under similar circumstances. In the latter stages of the season, also take into account whether one of the teams has already reached its goals for the season, as this may have an influence on the players’ drive on the field. Other factors to consider include whether it is a home or away game, the phase of the league, previous results, and underlying injuries of key players.
The Premier League season has only just commenced, but already it is promising to be a memorable one. By taking heed of the betting tips set out above, it can be as lucrative for punters as it is for the players.
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