UFC 254 Online Betting: Seven Undercard Games to Watch Out for


After getting rebooked last month due to Rafael dos Anjos testing positive for Coronavirus diseases, the UFC Fight Night 183 will continue on November 14, 2020. It will be the UFC 254, which will settle at the APEX facility in Las Vegas. Although dos Anjos has initially reported to back out the event, he decided to return to wrestle against Islam Makhachev in the Lightweight Division in the main card. 

UFC 254 will highlight four main events this weekend. It includes two Lightweight titles at stake, one for the Welterweight, and the other is for the Lightweight Division. Aside from the main cards, the UFC 254 will also feature undercard matches, which will make the event more exciting. All of these will offer betting games that can surely help you earn money via wagering. 

Hence, let’s get to know the seven preliminary games in which Fanduel has the UFC 254 MMA Odds this Saturday for the betting games it brings. 

Kay Hansen V.S. Cory McKenna

Women’s Strawweight belts are at stake during UFC 254, and Kay Hansen and Corry McKenna will wrestle for one of them. Kay Hansen currently holds one win in the Strawweight and four losses since she started in 2015. Her rival Cory McKenna, nicknamed “The Hobbit,” is ranked as the 37th Best Female MMA Fighter. She holds five wins and one loss since she started her professional UFC career. 

Ashley Yoder V.S. Miranda Granger 

The second Women’s Strawweight Division match is between Ashley Yoder and Miranda Granger. Yoder will defend the said title against Granger, who is doing her first stint in a bigger MMA world.  She has recorded 13 wins and six losses since she started in 2008. 

Conversely, Miranda Granger, nicknamed “The Danger,” is on seven wins and one loss. She is also defending the same title. Whoever wins will be hailed as the best female Strawweight Division fighter this edition. 

Alex Morono V.S.  Rhys Mckee 

Alex Morono and Rhys Mckee will show up in the UFC 254, competing for the Welterweight Division in the preliminary match. With 17 wins and six losses, Morono is defending his Welterweight title this Saturday. However, Rhys Mckee will indeed give him a tougher job to fulfill, considering that he is also wearing the same belt. He currently earned ten wins and three losses since he entered the pro-MMA world. 

Jose Alberto Quinoñez V.S. Louis Smolka 

Jose Alberto Quinoñez is wrestling against Louis Smolka in the Bantamweight Division with eight wins and four losses. The “El Teco” MMA fighter will try to earn the said belt to make his record stronger.  On the one hand, Louis Smolka will give him a difficult job to fulfill this Saturday. Smolka is a current Flyweight and Bantamweight titleholder, with 16 wins and seven losses. 

Randa Markos V.S. Kanako Murata 

Known as the “Quiet Storm,” Randa Markos may no longer be silent this weekend as she vies for the Women’s Strawweight Division. She had been in the MMA for eleven years and earned ten wins and nine losses. She will face Kanako Murata, a Japanese native who will defend her title in the said division. Murata has currently earned 11 wins and one loss. 

Geraldo de Freitas V.S. Tony Gravely 

Another Bantamweight belt is at stake in the UFC 254 preliminary cards, with Geraldo de Freitas and Tony Gravely fighting for the title. With 12 wins and five losses,  the “Espartano” MMA fighter will defend his belt against Gravely. Tony Gravely is a more accomplished player with 19 wins and six losses. Whoever wins will be hailed as the best Bantamweight fighter this year. 

Don’Tale Mayes V.S. Roque Martinez 

Completing the undercard event for the UFC 254 is the heavyweight division, which is competed by Don’Tale Mayes and Roque Martinez. Known as the “Kong,” Mayes had accomplished seven wins and four losses since he started his career. His rival, Roque Martinez, is a more accomplished MMA fighter, recording a total of 15 wins and six losses. They are both heavyweight fighters, and one will be hailed as the best when UFC 254 happens.


The undercard events in UFC 254 may not have the same hype as the main cards. However, these are significant events for the players as it would determine their fate in their upcoming professional MMA games. Also, they generate awesome betting games that would contribute to growing your bankroll immensely. 

Hence, as you go along and anticipate the matches happening at UFC 254 and the wagering games that come with it, make sure to take a closer look at the players above to see how their odds look like to win their respective divisions. Lastly, make sure to apply your MMA betting knowledge to help you win the day.

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