RB Leipzig Face Difficult Battle to Keep Timo Werner

RB Leipzig may never get the chance to complete their 2019/20 campaign but it should still go down in history as their greatest season to date. Julian Nagelsman and his Leipzig team must hope that football starts up again as soon as possible. With a chance of success in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League, RBL may actually benefit from the break after a packed schedule of fixtures. 

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The popularity of the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Nordic countries 


Ice hockey is one of the most-watched sports in the world. It enjoys a massive reputation in Canada, Russia, the United States, and the Nordic countries. People find it extremely pleasant to watch two opposing teams competing on an ice rink, trying to control the puck and score goals against each other. 

NHL is the most active league worldwide, with superstars like Alex Ovechkin, Sid Crosby and Connor McDavid in its ranks. Some of the strongest athletes are actually from Nordic countries as well, mainly playing in the Columbus Blue Jackets. Thus the following article will discuss the latter’s popularity in Northern European countries.  [Read more…]

More than average – Team Ingebrigtsen

By Bill Burke

Ingebrigtsen family is one of the most famous of its kind in the Norwegian region. The family interferes in athletic worlds for already a couple of decades. Apparently it comes from the descendants.

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