How to Store and Protect Your Cubs Throwback Jerseys 

cubs jerseys

Baseball is definitely a memorabilia sport; from baseball uniforms to collectible sports cards, what could be a passion purchase today may become a valued treasure in the future. While most Chicago baseball fans love to collect Cubs Throwback Jerseys to wear at home and away games, some people will choose to store their authentics and replicas that honor players from years gone by.

To honor your favorite baseball players by wearing one of many styles of Cubs throwback jerseys that are now available, you will want store, clean, and protect these clothing items so that they stay in pristine condition and the colors don’t fade. 

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How to Predict the Winner of the Breeders’ Cup Classic

It’s the most prestigious horse racing meeting in the USA, and of the Breeders’ Cup World Championship events, it is the Breeders’ Cup Classic that deservedly takes headline honours.

Arguably the premier thoroughbred renewal in American racing, the Breeders’ Cup Classic is also the notional fourth leg of the ‘Grand Slam’, which also features the Triple Crown races the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

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Early Contenders to Win the NHL Stanley Cup in 2019-20


By Thomas Clarke

With a little over a month until the beginning of the new NHL season, all hockey fans will be thinking ahead to who could win the Stanley Cup. Whilst last year’s finalists, the Boston Bruins, are amongst the front-runners, there’s real competition from the likes of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Las Vegas Golden Knights and Colorado Avalanche.

Don’t forget the reigning Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues, and it all promises to be another fascinating season of top-level ice hockey.

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Five Things to Think About When Betting on Horse Racing

By Sean McDiarmind

Horse race betting is lucrative, and if done right, it can make you lots of money. However, you need to understand that, there is more to horse race betting than just luck. There are steps you can take, and significantly improve your chances of winning. For context, here are 5 things to think about when horse race betting. 

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Leading Contenders for Premier League Relegation This Season


By John O’Leary

Unless the likes of Leicester, Everton or even Wolves get their act together, there is little chance that the ‘big six’ are going to be disturbed at the top of the Premier League this season.

However, at the bottom of the Premier League table, things are looking much more interesting. Newly promoted clubs like Aston Villa, Sheffield United and Norwich City will find it tough to play against top-flight sides.

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Can a London Club Contend for the Premier League Title?

chelsea tottenham

By Patrick Pierce

The new Premier League season kicks off this weekend, and for many pundits, it’s going to be another two-horse race between Manchester City and Liverpool. Although Manchester United will benefit from the arrival of Harry Maguire improving their weak back line, it’s more likely that one of London clubs have the best chance of stopping either Manchester City or Liverpool from claiming the Premier League title this season.

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Cricket Australia has Announced Its View on Transgender Policy

The primary transgender guideline is to appear in Australian elite cricket in the nearest future. On August, 8th, the Cricket Australia revealed the view on the future participation of players in team games with the affirmed sex if it differs from that obtained by birth.

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Baseball Rules Explained – What You Need to  Know

Just like any other sports Baseball is a thrilling game that dates as far as 1744. The game has its own culture and rules that make it more popular and phenomenal. What is unique about this game is that It is only dominated in America and particularly in North America.

The game is also played in other countries such as Japan and Canada. And the good part is that the rules of the game are all the same in all the said countries.

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NFL Season Preview: Favorite, Under the Radar, Dark Horse Team to Watch

By Alex Donohue, Sports Betting Expert for and

With training camps getting underway this week, 32 teams begin the seven-month marathon to be the last one standing in February. Free agent signings, trades, and new hires have shaken up the league and potential outcomes for the season ahead, while offering fans renewed optimism.

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The Top 5 Greatest Golfers of All Time

Who’s the GOAT in golf? This tough question deserves a couple of names for an answer. In every field like golf, there will always emerge a crop of iron players who have made a mark, exceeded people’s expectations, and contributed to the popularity and development of the sport.

Legacy, ranking, number of championships won, and even name recall—these are some points that populate anyone’s list of golf’s most exceptional.

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6 Tips to saving money on utilities in 2019

Most American families can attest to the high amount of money that they spend on utilities. Electric bills can shoot up to $500 a month during the hot, summer season. Unfortunately, we cannot live without services such as water, gas, and electricity. As such, saving is our only alternative.

Getting modern and efficient appliances such as heaters could save most people a significant amount. However, the money you have to pay upfront makes it challenging to decide whether the investment is worth it in the long-term. The good news is that you can still save money on utilities if you follow the following six tips.

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Bend It Like Beckham – How To Curl Free Kicks Like A Pro

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Playing soccer is a fantastic way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Being a fast-paced aerobic workout, regular soccer players experience great cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, higher levels of agility, and improved coordination. There are a myriad of both physical and emotional health benefits to this team sport. If you’re looking to ‘bend it like Beckham’, here’s how you can become a soccer superstar!

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