Cheltenham Festival: Irish Runners to Topple Buveur D’Air in 2019 Champion Hurdle?

By Patrick Pierce

Buveur D’air is on the verge of rewriting the Cheltenham Festival history books. Having won the last two renewals of the Champion Hurdle, the Nicky Henderson stable star is looking to become only the sixth horse to secure three victories in the race.

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What Makes the Cheltenham Gold Cup Special

By Joe Plunkett

With the Cheltenham Gold Cup just over a fortnight away, excitement continues to build within the National Hunt racing community and there’s no little sense of relief either after the recent outbreak of equine flu had threatened to badly affect the world’s best chase race.

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Help Free the New York Knicks: The Declaration of Knickdependence


By Nick Coker

Occasionally turning points occur in human history that will permanently alter the course of the future. Whether these occurrences are improbable weather events, technological advancements, conflict or diseases that incur untold casualties  – things that once were considered impossible or non-existent occur or come to life and have such an impact that our very understanding of the way the world works and what is possible, changes forever.

Nicholas Taleb coined these moments ‘Black Swans’ for the black swans discovered on the west coast of Australia. Prior to their discovery the prevailing thought was that only white swans existed.

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Jose Mourinho Talks Job-Hunting, Eden Hazard’s Future and Kepa’s Fuss


By Gary Scott

Jose Mourinho, who was sacked by Manchester United last December, firmly believes his football coaching career isn’t over yet. The controversial tactician recently had an opportunity to address his managerial future while working as a studio analyst for DAZN España during their coverage of the Carabao Cup.    

Mourinho, 56, is currently a free agent after he parted ways with the Red Devils. Under his tutelage, Man United won the EFL and Europa League Cup titles in his first season but the club dramatically underperformed during the 2018-19 season, leading to his dismissal.

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Things To Do When Bored And With Some Money To Spend

dinner party

By Corey Bradford

Boredom can be really frustrating especially when you are used to a hectic schedule. But while it’s okay to feel this way sometimes, you might eventually detest free time if this becomes a habit. So why not make use of this free yet boring time to do something exciting?

It gets even better if you’re willing to spend some cash. Does this sound like a good idea to you? If yes, then today’s article is for you.

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UK Teaching Visas: What You Need to Know

By John O’Leary

Choosing to teach abroad is a fantastic way to support yourself while living abroad for a short period of time. You get to interface with local students and teach them a marketable skill while also learning and living in a foreign country. In the end, many people walk away from their overseas teaching positions happier and more well-rounded people because of it.

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CCNA Routing and Switching Certification: 6 Reasons to Get Certified

By Gary Scott

Cisco is undoubtedly one of the leading providers of networking hardware in the world. Apart from selling high-technology products and services, the company also offers a certification program which covers different Cisco technologies and has five proficiency levels – from entry to architect.

Associate-level CCNA Video Training Course Online – 200-125 is one of the most sought-after credentials that IT professionals can have. This is because the routing and switching skills are highly demanded in the industry. Cisco certifications are recognized all over the world, therefore, CCNA R&S will open up many job opportunities for you.

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How Did Neymar Become One of the Most Popular Football Stars in the World?


By Warren Brewster

Paris Saint-Germain is playing great this season, and it comes as no surprise considering its superstar squad. According to various betting sites, the team has an excellent chance to win the Champions League trophy this year.

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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Comparing the Fan Demographics

messi ronaldo

By Jason Verduzco

It’s no secret that Messi and Ronaldo are the two most popular football players in the world right now. Their popularity is not without a good reason, as they have done a great job at popularizing the game by attracting countless fans from all parts of the globe.

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How To Apply UPU Online To Enter Malaysia University


By Bill Burke

Unit Pengambilan Universiti or UPU, the gatekeeper of Malaysian public universities, has been known to be a bearer of deep frustration, anxiety and nerves. The application process alongside multiple deadlines are both nerve-racking and frightening as it is without even the addition of noisy relatives and stress from parents. Often times, most students, in a panic frenzy, scour every corner of the internet looking for any and all information that can help them during this time. If this happens to be you, don’t worry, help is here.

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Can Manchester City Secure a Treble this Year?

manchester city

By Sean McDiarmind

As one of the English Premier League’s leading football clubs, Manchester City’s main goal is winning trophies – and this year, they’re eyeing up three at once. The treble, as it is known, means winning three major trophies in one season. This can include the Premier League title, the EFL cup, the FA Cup and a European trophy – and for a team like Man City, it’s turning out to be something of an achievable goal as the season progresses.

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Should we consider the game of Darts as a sport?


By Eamon Cunningham

In the realm of sports, there has been an ongoing debate, a question that has lingered there for years and remained unanswered to this very day, is darts professionally considered a real sport or not? First, to answer this question, we need to have clear guidelines on what labels an activity as a sport. If not all, most of the dictionaries agree that ‘a sport’, is an athletic activity that requires certain skills with a set of certain physical capabilities, which are all incorporated into a competitive field. So does darts fit into the criteria?

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