The Latest Sporting Events You Should Be Betting On

Are you the type of individual who absolutely loves taking a risk? If you’ve answered yes to this question, there is a really good chance that you love betting on sports. After all, this can give you a big adrenaline thrill. The only problem is that there is a risk involved. Nevertheless, you’re having a good time and there is a real possibility that you’re going to be making money in the future. So, which sports should you think about betting on in the near future? Within this guide, you’ll learn about the latest sporting events that you should be betting on.

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Tennis Betting – Everything You Need to Know

Tennis bets are quite popular among most bettors since this kind of sport is considered to be the most spectacular and intriguing. One of the main advantages of tennis betting is associated with the specs of game analysis. In the case of tennis, there are only two athletes on the field, and everyone is responsible for himself only. In the case of football or basketball, the game outcome is much more difficult to predict – it depends on a large number of players. With tennis, there are less risk factors, which means your winning odds are significantly higher. All you need to do is to carefully study sports data feeds.

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Most Common Sports Injury in Basketball

Basketball is a sport whereby two teams oppose each other on a rectangular court. The main objective of the sport is shooting the basketball through the defender’s hoop. It is a very physical sport and players are often in contact, and like any other sport, it carries a high risk of injury. A study by the National Athletic Trainers Association indicates that there is a likelihood of two players in every high school basketball team to get injured during a season. Below are some of the most common injuries that are associated with basketball.

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Betting on Sports

computer betting  

By Jeffrey Keim

Betting on sports like football, basketball, and baseball can be a lot of fun and even profitable for those who are smart. However, it’s an activity that has a lot more to do with knowledge than luck. This means that limiting your mistakes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

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Bears legend Gale Sayers bitter? You Bet


(Editor’s note: Our condolences to the friends and family of Chet Coppock, on this the most difficult of days. Coppock passed away in a car crash in Georgia yesterday at the age of 70. RIP. To honor his memory, we re-post this guest blog he contributed to our site in 2014)

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Lottery Jackpot: The Biggest Winners and Losers

michigan lottery

Many of us dreamed of winning the lottery at one point or another. But hitting the jackpot is as rare as lightning striking twice, although not that impossible. For some lucky individuals, that dream has turned into reality. But just what kind of winners are they?

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Playing it Safe – How Casinos use Technology to Increase Security

casino tech

By Bill Burke

There’s a lot of money in the casino game, and naturally such a lucrative industry attracts the attention of scammers, fraudsters and criminals. It’s been this way since the beginning, with land casinos employing all the technology at their disposal to ensure the safety of both the casino and their clients.

The online casino boom has presented new challenges in keeping everyone’s money safe, and in such a landscape all online casinos and mobile casinos Canada now employ cutting edge technology to safeguard financial transactions and guarantee fair gameplay.

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Odds Stacked Against Native River for Gold Cup Defence

By Jason Verduzco

Native River produced a fine performance to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup last season and he will aim to become the first horse to win the event twice in a run since Best Mate in 2004.

The Irish-bred horse rose to the occasion to see off race favourite Might Bite for the crown, surging down the stretch to beat out his rival by four-and-a-half lengths. Colin Tizzard’s charge was in control of the contest and had the pace when it mattered the most to claim the crown.

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How To Keep Your Game Intact With A Busy Lifestyle

By Bill Burke

Like many people, you may not have much time left over in your day due to family responsibilities, social engagements, and work obligations. Therefore, squeezing in play time is difficult. Like any other extra-curricular activity or hobby, playing games takes time, and you have to plan for it. However, there are things you can do to find time to play games even if you are busy building your business, advancing your career or taking care of other responsibilities.

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Developing a Business around Your Passion for Fitness


By Eamon Cunningham

The fitness industry is a billion-dollar space. If you take a look at any major social media app, health and fitness are trending niches that many people have built businesses around. If you’d like to use your love of fitness to develop a manageable business, there are quite a few factors you’ll want to consider as you move forward. 

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Three Players that Should Leave Manchester United this Summer

By Thomas Clarke

2019 will present a massive summer for Manchester United, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer likely to get the job on a full-time basis. He will become the fourth full-time manager in the six fateful years since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

The upcoming transfer window is imperative to the foundations that the club want to lay for the season ahead, but with an already large squad, the question of outgoing players is as intriguing as the players that should be incoming. Let’s take a look at who is looking likely to be headed out the exit door at Old Trafford this summer?

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Plain Sailing for Man City with Liverpool’s Title Dream on the Rocks


By Tom McDonough

Jurgen Klopp will be hoping that Liverpool aren’t stranded in second place for the remainder of the season after surrendering the top spot in the Premier League. For the first time in months, the Reds find their advantage at the summit of the league taken away after Pep Guardiola’s troops stormed to the top.

Klopp’s team are now in unfamiliar territory going into the last nine games of the season and will have to chase down Man City, which – it must be said – is one of the more unenviable tasks in world football.

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