Cricket in South Africa is Currently in a Bad State and Here’s Why

Cricket in South Africa is already in a very bad state. This is according to Proteas’ former wicketkeeper and batsman Mark Boucher. He sees the Cricket South Africa or CSA is in a dire state and that the Mzansi Super League or MSL can’t really help when it comes to the problems that CSA has.

The CSA has recently been making a noise because of the recent suspension of its three senior officials. Allegedly, the three officials have neglected their duties in a payment dispute. This was a dispute between the South African Cricketers Association or SACA and the CSA’s MSL.

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The Overall Vision for the County Cricket 2020

The inter-county cricket is known to have started since the early 18th century. These matches mainly involve teams from England and Wales. It was only in the 19th century when county matches were then divided into two.

The first is the County Championship that involved 18 county clubs and the Minor Counties Championship that mainly involved county clubs from England. Prior to 1988, all matches were only scheduled for three days. Each match would usually last for six hours and the interval hours.

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How essay writing service will save a lot of your time

A quality essay will take a lot of your time, but you can use professional essay services to help you come up with a good one. Using writing services will assist you to save on time and get more time to do some extra productive things and attend to your social needs. There are students with great ideas, but putting them down becomes a challenge. Seeking essay help from essay writing service is always advisable because they provide you with quality work. You also can find a lot of pre-written essay samples for sale and for free. Nowadays, students find it hard to manage their time because they have much workload, and sometimes they fail to meet deadlines.

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What’s the Best Golf Hitting Mat?

Working on perfecting your golf game with the help of a golf mat is a great way to keep regularly practicing, without having to pay the price of hitting a bucket of golf balls at your favorite golf course or local driving range. Paying to hit balls can quickly add up to be a major expense, especially if you like to practice a lot.

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Why Every Student Needs Help with Essay Writing

Essay writing is a typical assignment that features all through the life of a college student. As it stands, it seems impossible for a day to pass without you having to write an essay. Even with the frequency of these types of assignments, most students never prepare for them. Composing such a piece of writing requires excellent writing skills, an understanding of different topics, and having enough time to work on them. With it becoming tough for students to keep up, essay writing services come in to help by offering the following.

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What is Computer Games Streaming? 

Computer games have become true culture, entertainment, and art and the number of active players keeps on growing. Hundreds of high-quality projects with fantastic graphics and game opportunities are released, but not all players can enjoy the game. 

Some gamers are busy with studies or work, some of them have a weak computer or do not want to buy an expensive game. The perfect decision of such problems is to watch streams with passing a game which is interesting for you as you need only a computer or a smartphone for it. 

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Five Betting Apps for Android, Tested and Reviewed

By Will Terry

Having the right info at the right time is the key to build a profitable and consistent strategy if you want your betting results written on black instead of red. If you have some experience in the hustle you know that crunching numbers can be daunting and usually requires being confined to a computer screen skimming data until you find that golden nugget. 

Fortunately for us, tipsters and score results are now at fingers tip and with a couple of swipes, you can make your bets on the run anytime anywhere. The following list compresses 5 tested apps from reputable services that can give you an edge to your game. However, the bigger tip we can provide is to always use your common sense.

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Portuguese Primeira Liga and Italian Serie A Score Updates

Seven rounds have already been played in the major football league of Portugal, and we can already name a group of leaders. All today livescores of these matches and the League’s tournament table can be found on the website of sports statistics. 

The current champion of the country, Benfica, has beat Vitoria Setubal at home with minimal gap. Some players left Benfica last summer, so the team is not as stable as the previous year and often shows unemotional football. 

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Athletes Who Destroyed Their Careers Because of Gambling


A lot of people out there enjoy a night or two of gambling and playing at casinos, and in most cases, the excitement and thrill that come with it do not result in a massive strain on the person’s finances. However, some people have let gambling affect them in ways that have scarred their finances and relationships for life.

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Here’s What Some of the World’s Best Boxers Do When They’re Not Training

Boxers, like ordinary people, have lives outside their work. Sure, they spend a big chunk of their time training for matches, but these athletes also have things they’re busy with that may or may not be at all related to boxing.

These professional boxers are, in their own ways, celebrities. To some extent, they have the capacity to influence and they know it. Let’s dive right into the lives of some world-famous boxers outside the ring.

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Five Really Exciting Sports that Are Big Business


By Joseph Plunkett

Sports are all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. 

It’s about David and Goliath, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and experiencing the excitement of incredible athletic achievement. It’s about the adrenaline rush, the white-knuckle-moments that are remembered forever. Sports about all about an amazing experience. 

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Can You Really Improve Your Golf Swing?


People everywhere work on improving their golf swing all the time, but few seem to truly master the art of golf. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s truly possible to improve your golf swing, here’s what you need to know.

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